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    Hi, This plant has featured in these forums a few times. She's a power plant 4 weeks into flower. Growing in soil, PH 6.5. Using bio-bloom ferts. Some leaves, starting at the bottom are going yellow eventually turning completley yellow to a lime greeny sort of colour. I watered 2 days ago with 3 m/l of bio-bloom and a quarter of a tespoon of epsom salts in a liter of good old H2O. I thought it would be an MG problem as the veins on the leaves were still green as the leaf yellowed. I hope to hell it is and I hope I haven't given her too much because I've done the salt lockout prob before. Any help much appreciated

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    Okay, no more magnesium. That's not your issue and you could end up shooting yourself in the foot.
    Plae green-yellow is nitrogen def. It's common late in flower and not something to be overly concerned with as long as you are within 3 weeks of harvest.
    I seem to remember that PPP is a 8-9 week finisher, so a single foliar feed with a grow nute mixed 1/2 strength should help keep it from getting real bad.

    I'm more worried about WHY you are seeing N def that bad, that early, with symptoms of other micro lockout... Check the runoff pH of your soil. I suspect it's not where it should be, and/or that you have a salting problem that will require a flush.
    How to flush:
    Check runoff pH.
    Let's say it is 6.0. Make a jug of plain tap water adjusted to 7.0 to bring the soil pH UP.
    Pour 3x the volume of the pot, in equivalent volume of water, yikes that's a terrible sentence, through it.
    Then finish by watering with a bloom fertilizer at 1/2 strength and pH 6.7.
    You are adding the N with a foliar spray hopefully, so you can use the bloom fert for the post-flush watering.
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    Thanks, I'll try what you've said. I picked up a info sheet for Bio-bizz products from my local hydro and it has a feeding schedule for the plants life cycle on it. I noticed that during the flowering stage I should still be using a small (1 m/l I think?!) amount of bio-grow aswell as the bio-bloom. I switched to bloom only and this might account for the early N deficiency.

    My problem with PH is that I got one of those aquatic types which is probably really good and it ranges from Ph 6.2 - 7.4 but I struggle deciding which colour I've got on the chart. If I could find some product that was Ph 6.7 as standard, I could make a test tube up for easier comparison.

    Thanks again your royal dankness

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