Problems with blood circulation when smoking weed (RECENT)

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Hank Wizard, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Hank Wizard

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    I've been a casual weekend user since about last spring. Never had a problem with smoking weed, no anxiety, no heart issue, no blood circulation issue. However, the last couple of times I smoked, I've experienced really uncomfortable loss of feeling starting from my hands, to my arms, feet and whole body. From what I can recall, when I smoked before that, I would sometimes get little jitters in my legs but that is about it. I grew up with asthma so I'm wondering if my lungs are just getting tired of smoking so frequently? Even though it is once or twice a week. I also grew up with anxiety, so now every time I smoke and feel my heart rate go up, it kind of gets me nervous. The first time my left arm fell asleep I had a full blown panic attack and my heart was pumping so hard for around 2 hours that every single vein in my body was popping, and my muscles were aching really bad. I'm going to take a break from smoking for a while and see if anything happens, I'll also be trying some edibles as well. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!
  2. Weezard

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    That does not sound right.
    What can you tell us about your latest batch of weed?
    Did you grow it yourself? Is it exactly the same as the weed you had no problem with earlier?
    Some people have a reaction to weed that has been sprayed with the AZA/Neem family of compounds. It appears to be an acquired allergic reaction.
    Some people have problems with Serenade
    I use no sprays other than Citric acid for PM and have never had a problem.
    But I have felt sketchy when I've smoked what my friends proudly bring me.
    It's "coals to Newcastle" but they mean well, so I try to be gracious about it. :D

    If your reaction is to the cannabinoids and not to adulterants, I'd advise extreme caution with edibles. Once you swallow them, there is no turning back.

    Wee 'zard
  3. Hank Wizard

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    Did not grow it myself, first couple times it happened it was from a dealer. However, three of my other friends smoked the same stuff and did not get that reaction. The last time was from a joint from a dispensary. It's strange though because this has started happening just this September and I am wondering if my body just needs a break from it, or if it's something more serious?
  4. Weezard

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    That does sound like a pesticide or fungicide allergy.

    It's always a good idea to "take a break".
    I suggest that you use your break time to grow a couple auto-flowers.
    You will know that they are clean so, if you have a reaction you may have to give up smoking.
    If you do not react, it means you will have to grow your own.
    Because you can not trust street, or dispensary buds.
    Last test survey found widespread pesticide residue in dispensary offerings.

    Jus' my 2 shiny pennies.

  5. Hank Wizard

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    I will take a long break for sure, however, I don't have access to any growing of any flower. Wouldn't know how or where to start anyway, do you think edibles would be risky? I am pretty sure this reaction is from the actual smoke inhalation. It's just odd because it happened out of nowhere.
  6. Weezard

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    What's to know?
    Put some dirt in a container.
    Buy auto-flower seeds and poke them in the dirt.
    Set them in the light, add water, stand back. :)

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