Pro's Con's to regulated Marijuana?

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Does the regulation of marijuana help or hinder your community?

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    Hello world we are ADabLDo.That's A Dab 'L Do. We love Colorado. Colorado loves everyone. We have many flowers. We are always blooming. I kinda live near Paonia. Paonia was known for year on the Western Slope of Colorado as the mecca of pot. That was our spot. You gettin some of that P-Bud? Well remember those days of smoking whatever you could get someone to sell? I never knew why I wanted to pull my teeth out sometime when I got stoned. Now I know. Now I can buy exactly what I am looking for. I will not have to have an anxiety attack ever again without having a say in it. I am an Indica guy.

    People complain about the prices of marijuana in dispensaries. Well I went to Las Vegas and paid 78 dollars for a gram of top shelf shatter. In the CO we pay 30 bucks all day and frequently pay less. As for flower? I paid 50 for an eighth in Vegas, and you could spend 50 for an eighth but I tell you what its gonna be top shelf if you want to pay that.

    Pro: My point is no matter what shelf you buy from the weed you will get is going to blow away that 100 dollar a bag of illegal stuff 20 years ago any day.

    Pro: If anything weed has gotten cheaper. Do the math the investors rule of 7/2. Every 7 years if you double your money then you are doing well.

    Pro:Marijuana is less than 100 dollars a quarter for legal recreational. And its quality. Not riddled with antifreeze, or gasoline, or people put Mercury in it to make it weigh more. If you can imagine a way to make weed heavier then they did it.

    Pro: Just remember we used to pay much more for much less quality flower.

    Pro: Now we get what we want. We will have legal pot across the board soon.

    The Con? The Big Business Giants will own it all

    If anyone knows how business works in the real world, well marijuana will never become legal across the board on the federal level until the greedy can figure out how to milk it.

    So to beat those busters to the party. Do just that.

    Who has marijuana experience? The people. Not big business.

    It is up the the people to take control of the market even of a regulated product.

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