Protect them from frost?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Talfrn, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Talfrn

    Talfrn Registered+

    The first frost should hit where I live in about 2-3 wks. Should I protect my plants ( outdoors in pots ) From the frost at night? If so what should I use? Burlap?
    I am only growing 3 and 2 have about 3 weeks to go, the other has about 6

    THX :D
  2. cbudmant

    cbudmant Registered+

    im prob gonne be gettin hit i n 2-3 weeks to. i put 2 plastic bags on them at night
  3. Talfrn

    Talfrn Registered+

    THX...BTW, we live in the same state....
  4. buddha

    buddha Registered+

    If your going to put plastic bags over your plants make sure they have holes in them for air exchange otherwise it could greatly damage your plants. Night time is when your plants let out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide a very important part of your plants life you dont want to stop it from doing that.
  5. lethal purple poison

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    mine were already hit by frost and nothing ever ever gets damaged o_O i even let the spring frosts weed out the weak plants, after the firtst frost what ever is still alive after are usally good and hardy anyways , so im never worried about fall frosts.
  6. cbudmant

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    talfrn what part of ct u from im from the shoreline
  7. Talfrn

    Talfrn Registered+

    I am in the Farmington Valley area ( west hartford, avon, simsbury, farmington area ) :D

    :rolleyes: Puff Puff :D

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