Pruning during floweing?

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    So, I have heard varying opinions on whether it is ok/good to trim the foliage on bushy plants. It is difficult to know what is sound advice due to this being my first grow. This is why I figured I would ask this question to people who may have had experience with both pruning and not doing so, in order to better understand the ramifications of my choice.

    My growing conditions:
    I live on the central coast of california. I grow under a transparent grow tent that can be pulled back so that sun can hit the plants directly (or I can have the plastic tent coverung them, and even have a front plastic sheet that rolls down completely enclosing them.

    I have a GDP that is about 6 weeks into flower, and extremely bushy. After reading a lot of various information, and getting many differing opinions, I decided to trim some of the larger leaves that were shading bud sites, but did not trim as much as I thought necessary to clear a path for light to reach the majority of the flowers. I was trying to be conservative with my pruning because of the lack of uniformity of information.

    I was wondering if I could trim her some more, had already trimmed to much or if she is good as is?
    I also would like to know (as a side question) are VF-11 beneficial to the plants during flowering? i use FF Tiger bloom with a couple other nutrients at the moment, but have sprayed the plants with VF-11 once every week between feedings.

    Anyway, the pics are of: 1-my grow area, 2-GDP before trimming, 3-GDP (again) before trim, 4-GDP after the trim.

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    Its your leaves that build up your buds and not the sun that hits the buds. The leaves pull from the sun to feed your plants so pulling leaves will do the oppisite of what your thinking. But i understand what you are saying as in the beginning its what iv always thought. But after a few grows and a current plant that is inside has way to many leaves, but iv got the biggest buds ever from it. I would not take anymore leaves or take from one and non for a different plant and il bet in the end you will see what the leaves can do if you dont pull them.


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