PTSD Psychiatrist or Dr?

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by adrianzangell, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. adrianzangell

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    Hello I just moved from Colorado Springs to Albuquerque. I have PTSD and have been using MM for it. Does anyone know of a DR. in the area that can recomend me for a card? Would I need to see a Psychiatrist for the refferal or a regular Dr would work? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Only a Psychiatrist for PTSD.
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    Do like I did. Get your medical records with the PTSD diagnosis on it and get a local doctor to look them over and give you the recommend. I drove to Santa Fe to a really nice doctor there and now I have my card. :)

    My diagnosis was in Utah. I didn't have single problem (except for getting the records).
  4. adrianzangell

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    Santa Fe Dr.

    Would you mind giving me the name of the Dr. in Santa Fe. I have my psychiatric report and its very recent (Feb10). So it should be no problem to get it reffered. Thanks so much for the info.If you dont want to reply with the name on the board you can email me at my user name at yahoo dot com.
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    Please see my thread,"Are you looking for a doctor to recommend MMJ?"

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