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    So are they approving ptsd or not? I cant seem to find a straight answer. If so when? Thanks for any help
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    Depends on where you live. Aside from the DEA downgrading ganga off of schedule 1, you'll have to look at your state laws to see if PTSD is on their list of conditions allowable for medical marijuana.

    Congress is trying to get it so that, in legal states, the VA can at least recommend marijuana to patients, with PTSD being the big one. So many veterans of war have PTSD. But that doesn't mean the VA, with congressional approval, can't recommend ganga to other qualifying conditions. But PTSD is the one that the VA has a lot of patients for.

    It's partly a flanking maneuver to get states that have medical marijuana add PTSD to their list of qualifying conditions if the state laws don't currently allow it. In any event, it would only apply to veterans in states that have medical marijuana.

    But like I said, if the DEA downgrades marijuana off schedule 1, that will open a whole new era and many non legal states will be scrambling to get at least medical marijuana in their state.
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    As far as Illinois, it's not on the books yet.

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