Pure legit mail order guy!!!!!

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by jahjahjahjah, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. jahjahjahjah

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    YOD (yeild of dreams) is the shit,a legit and fast mail order bud service. CAD (cash after delivery) is the payment, if you want a great connect at a great price i recomend YOD,I just bought my father an oz for $260.00 back in the states and it should be there in a minute.Note this is a US based company only.
  2. blastfast

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    That's awesome for people in the US, the only problem is when something like this comes along everyone pounces on it and it gets hot, you know, soon enough the pigs get a profile on you. Was he cool with you advertising for him?

    I can,(although i have no idea what he looks like) picture your father in a rocking chair with a blunt.
  3. Oli

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    We need someone who offers CAD in the UK.
  4. blastfast

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    My name is currently being dragged through the mud, but for what it's worth for when this misunderstanding is over, i offer CAD to repeat customers, i just don't see why people expect to not have to risk anything, but aswell as their freedom, the seller must risk their own cash too.
  5. jahjahjahjah

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    there r as many scam buyers as sellers.
  6. jahjahjahjah

    jahjahjahjah Registered+

    Hello blast do you ship to the uk ?
  7. BlackLabelXmas

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  8. mike001

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    in need

    ok i will bite, yod les see what you got. :pimp:
  9. FunkyMonkey

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    Im glad you are personally happy with the service, however:
    Your one transaction doesnt make him purely legit. It just means you were happy with your deal. They are too new to say its a worthwile risk for ppl based on your one vote alone.
    Nomad provided for you but turned out to be a total douchebag in the end so Im sure you can see why perhaps you should just tone down your ad for YOD to reflect just the facts. You are happy with yours. Thats it. When you come on and recommend someone and vouch with your own credibility that they are to be trusted you are putting your own credibility on the line.
    And if they turn out to be douches then your word is questioned. Know what I mean?
    Besides, your post says it is still on its way...not even delivered yet.
    I wouldnt be vouching for someone before the transaction is even complete. How can you expect anyone to take this as a verified good deal when it not done yet?
    As far as Im concerned, nothing has been verified until you have confirmed delivery of a quality product....and the good reports from credible members start rolling in.
    Im by no means saying YOD is a scam all Im saying is they are still in the rep building stage.
    Prematurely claiming they are 100% legit is a bit much dont you think?
    I certainly hope it all works out for the best though and your pops gets his meds.

    peace. :confused:
  10. HighTimeStoner

    HighTimeStoner Registered+

    I agree but I suspect Jahjah was asked to post this.
    He hasnt even gotten his order first off and alot of scammers do come through for a few orders.
    If this guy turns out to be a scam the way you are promoting I wouldnt be suprised if you get the boot to.
  11. cheenyc13

    cheenyc13 Registered+

    They dont do cash after delivery....

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