pure thc crystals

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by vermillion, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. vermillion

    vermillion Registered+

    has any1 just scraped off the thc crystals and just did a bowl of just all pure crystals?
  2. bzbuzzard

    bzbuzzard Registered+

    nope have you??
  3. gee

    gee Registered+

    the trichomes?
  4. lizka4200

    lizka4200 Registered+

    its called keif and yea its awesome after your done weighing out bud all the keif is left for you too roll up a blunt
  5. bzbuzzard

    bzbuzzard Registered+

  6. tylerkane

    tylerkane Banned

    You sure there's enough for a blunt?
  7. lizka4200

    lizka4200 Registered+

    yea when u weigh out a qp...
  8. lizka4200

    lizka4200 Registered+

    im sure..done it many times...but thanks for checking though
  9. we drowned

    we drowned Registered

    Yeah, you're getting Kief. It's definently not pure, and it's not just the trichomes.

    With that said, it's some dank shit. Try getting a kif box (preferably silk screen). They work wonders.
  10. SkunkNZ

    SkunkNZ Registered+

    one of my mates allways gives me a call at harvest time i go around and help him some all the crystals we can very good stuff gets ya farkin baked
  11. Hempamasta

    Hempamasta Registered+

    Well, you know those "bud buster" grinders? Some of them actually have a crystal tray.. I put my kief from over 4 oz of weed over time into a jar.. and I couldn't even smoke it by itself because it would get all liquidy.. I'd just sprinkle it on top of a bowl and smoke.. and get high as fuck.

    So, to answer your question.. yes.
  12. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    a "Kief" press.. or Pollen Press.

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  13. what your talking about is basicly hash. first step to making hash is to use a sifter and get all the thc deposits off the weed.
  14. Mirno Sctlnd

    Mirno Sctlnd Registered+

    Yeah your right it is basically hash except its mega pure and gets you fried, most hash should be better than bud but it usually aint and its full of all kinds of crap so smoking a pure lump of crystals is a tasty treat:)>
  15. Jake0steve

    Jake0steve Registered

    After reading this thread and sleeping I had a dream that me and my friends sifted out all of the crystals and had this diamondy sparkly handfull we rolled in this big paper...mmm.
  16. giuseppe123

    giuseppe123 Registered+

    bob bong hit it on the head. a grinder/kif catcher is worth its weight in GOLD! if anyone smokes top notch dank you need to invest in a space case or similar grinder. btw if you have ever taken even a 1 hitter of kif you know it is intense! ive been raving about mine for weeks. just think by grinding it you catch the crystals tha twould normally rub off on your fingers or whatever you break it up on. so you might as well collect it and smoke it up. i normally cant wait morethan a few days beofre i empty it. but im a head!
  17. Fengzi

    Fengzi Registered+

    Hey BobBong, how much do you typically have to grind up before you get a usable amount of kief? Assuming your grinding something like white widow or blueberry, not schwagg or mids, that is.
  18. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    See This Thread for some pics/info on the grinder i use to collect the crystals.

    Depending on strain and dryness of the bud.. i can get a nice frosting layer of crystals anywhere from 1/2 an ounce to about an ounce..i'll put it on top of a small bowl of bud. or just smoke just the crystal. to produce bubble hash i use a minimum of an ounce ground through before converting it into he hash..obviously.. the more bud you grind.. the more crystal builds up.

    I don't let it build up alot though, as this would clog the threads up quite heavily and to be honest.. i can never restrain myself from hittin a bowl of bubble hash or crystal now and then :rolleyes:
  19. GSW389

    GSW389 Registered+

    my friends brother has that exact grinder. He got it for like $50 at a local headshop. After grinding up a quarter, there was made keif in the bottom.
  20. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Exactly. GOOD hash is nothing more than trichs all pressed together using heat and pressure.

    I have smoked a kif joint before though. Only a few good pulls and it blasts you off your ass.

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