Purple buds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by ilikedoodoo, May 9, 2008.

  1. ilikedoodoo

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    What's the difference between purple buds & normal buds. I get alot of different answers. I heard it's mostly just climate that makes buds purple. Anyone know?
  2. GreenDestiny

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    sometimes temperature, sometimes strain genetics, sometimes nutrient deficiency.
    not sure of anything else that would do it.

    too much light is said to even bleach the buds, but no purpling from that.
  3. Cold night time temps does it to a good portion of strains. Color has no effect on potency.
  4. OntarioToker69

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    I Remember When I was like 14 My friends and I Were getting Probably midgrade bud from this kid but his weed was always really pink and purple.I do remember it having crystals...But the taste and Potency is nothing compared to the strains I smoke now a days.I've also seen Purple weed that was complete Shwagg.
    like our friend said Purple buds has nothing to do with Potency.
    And yes Some Strains Will go purple due to Temperature,(won't sativas do this in Northern climates?)
    but many will go purple because it is a genetic trait,i.e.,Purple Kush,God Bud,Grape Ape,Purple Urkel etc...
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  5. McLovin

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    ive heard of colder climates turning leaves purple, but the buds themselves, especially after being properly cured would definitly be the strain, or even some janky ass artificial coloring maybe.
  6. OntarioToker69

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    Here in northern ontario I have seen The hairs of the buds and bud leaves Turn Pink and Purple....Even though I believe they weren't suppose to anything "pink" or purple".ie.Purple Urkel,Pink Kush.
  7. WildFire.ca

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    Most purpleing you see is caused by genetics. There are some environmental factors involved, you can encourage purpleing by lowering your temps 5-7c in the last 2 weeks of flower. Humboldt Nutes has a new expensive product that is suppose to make plants purple. I have never tried it and probably never will, I bet its just purple kool aid. JK
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    I'm a great snake-oil detractor and I will say on the record... I USE SNOWSTORM!!! WITH GLEE!!! It not only makes genetically predisposed plants go true purple, but lends them a more crystally look- after the first couple foliar feeds of the stuff, next time I went into my flower room I was like OMG WTF! (well, not quite like that hahaha). The frosty factor had imporved big time, and my Kenai thunderfuck had turned a lovely plum color. Pic attached, bottom LH corner. That's The Yeag's Matanuska Thunderfuck, from Soldotna on the Kenai. I've been growing her for a year and a half and never seen the purple before. Rock on. I didn't have such good luck with their 'gravity' though... :(

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    Hi I've searched on the internet with no luck in finding the "snowstorm" product. Please provide a link or other tip to help me find a supplier of snowstorm.

    thanks in advance
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