Purple cookie dough

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    Hells canyon genetics Purple Cookie Dough.
    Hey guys, it's been way too long, I've been staying away for awhile due to family and work, and I finally was able to get back at my grows!

    Here is the info from their website of the strain I'm growing.
    Purple Cookie Dough

    This is a cross of our Purple Super Dawg x Platinum Cookies.
    This cross brings alot of structure to the Platinum Cookies. We almost named this one Holiday cookies due to the mouth watering Chrstmas cookie smell any glossy frosting look in #1 pheno. The #2 pheno is structurally the same but with more of a fuel smell. There's a 2:1 ratio for the Holliday cookies pheno.
    She finishes in 8-8.5 weeks with a mouth watering holiday cookie smell and taste.

    Growing in plastic starter cups

    Fox farms ocean forest soil

    Fox farms trio lineup
    (Grow big)
    (Big bloom)
    (Tiger bloom)

    Bush doctor by Fox farms
    (Micro brew)
    (Sledge hammer)
    (Kelp me kelp you)

    Under t5ho 6500k

    In a 3x3 vivosun grow tent

    Vivosun 400 watt hps mh for later in veg and flower

    Smart pots 3 gallon x 6

    Will post pictures as soon as I can.
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    Welcome back! Good luck in this grow!
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