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    Hey everyone! I dropped this question in another forum but didn't get alot of answers. I've got some purple pistils and some purple in some leaf on one of my four big girls, it's the only one of the big ones doing it. Do I possibly have a purple pheno? I wish someone close to me grew indoors so I could give them a cutting and save the genes so if it's cool I'd have it for next year. It just started to bud so who knows whats going to happen but it hasn't been cool out or anything so I know that's not the reason.

    1 More pic below.

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    what can cause this...

    *Colder temps at night than the plant has become accustomed to.

    *Some plants have the genetic disposition to have some purple...when temps drop.

    *perhaps a recessive gene when this was crossed. Where did the plant or seeds come from?


    Happy Growing :hippy:

    Martyr Projekt

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    As far as the purpling in the leaves and the purple/pink pistils that is probably a genetic thing rather than environmental. You said temps haven't been cool and that is one thing that can trigger purple leaves.

    However, to my knowledge, pistils other than white are a specific genetic combination and don't change color in response to temperature.

    Either way you look at it, it's completely normal. You should consider yourself lucky with the purple craze lately. Everyone seems to be looking for weed that's purple, and if that's your thing, you probably hit the personal jackpot.

    Keep us updated how she comes along. Also, where did the genetics come from?
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    ps...take a cutting...don't let this strain dye of in case you happen to have a mutant strain that is gonna be smokilicious! :jointsmile:

    Martyr Projekt
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    Thanks everyone, yeah temps have been normal so I figured it was genetic. I wasn't shooting for purple but I'm not gonna argue with it. The genes are from last years crop which was from a friend of my partner, just some older seeds from good pot he had. Last year a male snuk threw (it was before I was involved in the operation :p) and he wound up having some seeds, this year with all the males dead were gonna have to keep the genes alive somehow so I think I'm going to go get some rr plugs and take some clones.

    The problem is where to keep it until next year cause neither of us have an indoor project going.
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    Definitly take clones. The last time I grew bag seed it was purple hair, and it was the most potent chronic at the time. I am looking for this all the time. Let me know if you find out what strain it is.

    HD :smokin:
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    Well I've LST'd this plant in hopes that other then helping it fill out nicley, the purple trait may become more vivid if it gets more direct light cause right now only like the top two budsites have this purple trait.

    HazeDaze I doubt I'll be able to find the strain name, strain names are way less popular in smaller cities and as far as I can see around me less popular in canada in general so I doubt my partners friend or who ever he got it from ever knew or cared about the name. After all it's all about the quality right?

    My partner said last year it filled out great and had some definate purple traits so I hope the same for this year! Why not right?
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    Little update:

    Well it's filling out nicely. And it's spreading throughout the budsites. Unfortunately cloning wasn't much of an option with nowhere to keep a baby but who knows being an outdoor in a city scene we could wind up with a few seeds anyhow so.

    Here's how things are looking, the last pic is a shot of the frost growing on a plant that's a little farther along.

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  10. Alantae

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    Cough cough
    Can I get sum seeds?
    Cough cough

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