Purple Kush first time grow

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by Tinkerfarms, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Tinkerfarms

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    Planted 3 seeds on 02/07/18.
    To my surprise all 3 popped on 02/08/18. I am only planning on actually keeping one of these seedlings. I planted 3 thinking 2 would pop and hopefully get a single girl.
    Unknown soil to start then I'll be using the soil that is pictured below.
    I'm also using some speedveg grow accelulator.
    For lighting I'm doing a 24/0 cycle with 2 cfl's 23 Watts one 6500k spectrum and one 2700 spectrum along with a 45 watt LED Full spectrum.
    I'm going to be adding more but this is what I got for now. Planning on a 600 watt LED Full spectrum.
    Temps are between 70-78 with humidity around 30-34%.
    pH of soil is between 7.5 a tad high I know but I'm not worried because I'll be adding better soil soon and I'm sure it will equal out. And they seem fine right now.

    Here is the grow space. I know it is not no where big enough. My plan is to eventually get a grow tent but for now I focused on getting at the little things. Such as soil, lights, nuts, pH meter for soil and h20, and so on. I can also make this bigger but a bigger space at this stage would be wasted light. Right?
    IMG_20180210_083926.jpg NOW for the questions..
    I was reaching humidity and read that it should be at 45-70% how do I get mine in the range better? As you can see I have added little open jugs of water and wet rags a fan. Is there more I can do other the buy a humidifier?
    Here is the soil I'll be using
    potting.gif here is the flower stage nutes I'll use in week 2 of flower. 51u9GQdfO7L._SY400_.jpg .
    Please any suggestions, ideas or concerns please feel free to reply.
    But be nice
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  2. Tinkerfarms

    Tinkerfarms Registered+

    Picture update 2/11/18 IMG_20180211_104827.jpg
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  3. Plumber07

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    I've said many times before, they're so cute at that age! Keep all three! Get 'em some sunshine.
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  4. Tinkerfarms

    Tinkerfarms Registered+

    They are all under light I just moved them out to take a picture. Thanks I also think they are so cute.
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  5. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    Good Luck

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  6. oldmac

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    Hey Tinkerfarms; Very nice start on your Kush. I like that you can embrace 24/0 for veg, really way to go with limited light. I usually suggest 70-80F and 50% humidity for general purposes, for some serious grow slightly higher temp and humidity is called for but the difference in temp for max grow and getting no grow is only 2 degrees.
    Your best bet to raise humm is the use of a small personal humidifier, these put out a fog that is generated by a small ultra-sonic disk (just like a pond fogger) and will raise humm easily. Added bonus: this fog is sterile and will sterilize
    the area your growing in. No worry about mold and such with the higher humm. (and the congregation said, Amen)
    Dutch decided to show you his outside, even tho it was tortured in the cold. Here is my big 10 inch, in a 6" pot. hehe 027.JPG
    OM @ internet heretic experiments

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  7. Greenyield

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    They are so cute,but maybe you have to add another light at late stage,they are greedy, especially into flowering,I am using one mars reflector on my two little girls,they are about to bloom :cool:
  8. Tinkerfarms

    Tinkerfarms Registered+

    I will he he adding more light I thought I bought a good light when I bought the LED full spectrum Come to find out I didn't and with the lights and all the meters and soil I spent this week's free money so gonna have to be next week.
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  9. Tinkerfarms

    Tinkerfarms Registered+

    2/13/18 update
    So can someone please tell me when I should water according to this meter. IMG_20180212_070431.jpg IMG_20180212_073121.jpg When should I water according to this meter? O and the white spots are the speedveg foiler spray.
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  10. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    I've use the same kind of meter since 2005. It's never failed me yet. (same Meter)

    Water when it says: DRY #1...and foiler spray is risky
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  11. Tinkerfarms

    Tinkerfarms Registered+

    Ok so I'll wait another day before watering then.
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  12. Plumber07

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    I had one for years. Lost it in my move to San Diego 4 years ago. MUST GET ANOTHER! On my way to Amazon to order. Thanks for the reminder!
  13. xjking

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    I will be following your grow Tinkerfarms, I will be starting my first grow soon and still have a lot to learn. Your little girls are looking great, it makes me more anxious to get started here. My seeds are on order but I should probably wait another month or so to plant them.
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