Purple stems, lighting and nutrient questions!

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    Wondering what I'm doing wrong--- my stems are all turning purplish redish and I'm unsure if I'm using the right nutrients and if my lights are the right strength and the right distance right now. It seems to be mostly the top stems that are turning purple, so is this an indicator of the light being too close? Or maybe not enough nutrients? I give 1.5 tbsp of nutrients with a 16.9oz water bottle every other time I water so probably evens out to be every 5 days or so. I've only done this twice so far.

    I would love any help I can get, as I feel like I'm reading a lot of conflicting information between various sites online and am just so unsure of what to do!!! Thanks in advance!

    Here's my info:

    E-Water source - Dasani bottled water
    E-Source water pH - haven't checked--is there a ph tester I need to buy for this?
    E-Age of plant - not entirely sure of when I started the seed, but I would dare to guess I planted the seed in August or July, it started budding on it's own mid October so I bought 2 lights and started the 12/12 cycle then.
    E-Type of fertilizer - Pure blend pro - bloom soil formula (1-4-5)
    E-Rate of application (if hydro, this is your PPM number, preferably after each component is added)-?idk what this means
    E-Lighting source and distance from plant - Two 150watt cfl bulbs about 5-8 inches from plant
    E-Air temperature (both day and night if you are running a dark period) - no clue, do I need a thermometer?
    E-Air % Relative humidity - no clue again should I be checking this?!
    E-Lighting schedule - 12 hours on 12 hours off
    E-Type of ventilation your room has - I'm using a spare bathroom in our home, I open the door twice a day and there is an exhaust fan I turn on for a couple hours every day to try and get some of the smell out!

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    That borders on insane. Way too concentrated.
    Most nutes call for 1 teaspoon per gallon.
    Read the label thoroughly.

    Nutes lower the PH of your water.
    Low PH locks out Phosphorus and that turns the petioles red.

    You can probably save it .
    Measure the PH of your bottled water.
    (Bottled water PH is variable.) ,and seldom what a plant needs.
    Most of it has too much sodium.
    A small, oscillating, desk fan ,will do wonders for transpiration and that will speed up growth.

    If your tap water is drinkable, use it.
    The traces of chloramine will protect your grow from anaerobic fungi and bacteria.
    Adjust it to PH ~ 6.6 or thereabouts.
    Flush your plants with it.
    Use 3 or 4 times the volume of your container. and let it drain to waste.
    Then just give her plain PH'ed water for a week or two.
    Cannabis is a weed, it will grow just fine with no nutes at all if your soil is decent.

    Bigger problem.

    Those tiny, whit dots on the fan leaves indicated spider mites.
    If this is the case, she may be doomed.

    You may not be able to see them without magnification.
    Get a 10 - 30x lens and look at the bottom of those speckled fan leaves.
    See tiny crawlies. squish them, and the eggs with your fingers. go over every leaf, do it again every 3 days.
    You can do this with a single plant.
    Trying to poison them usually ends up contaminating your meds.
    Russet mites have become immune to most gentle pesticides and what does kill them sickens us.

    The first grow is usually a learning experience.

    Carry on,
    Wee 'zard

    Best of luck with her.
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    That is some great information and is from what I have learnt and I am on my third grow for medical use and all information you were just giving buy Wee 'zard is right up there with the best you can do, can I just say that if you grow organic for med which I am currently using Ph should not be a problem for when your plants are in veg or bloom, Good luck ✌️

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