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    Does anyone know the purpose of THC? I, personally, do not think it is the "gift from God" that so many people claim it is. I tend to think it is more in the line of a self-defense mechanism that the plant developed through evolution, just like the opium sap that comes from the Opium Poppy, or a seed dissipation system, such as when insects and certain animals come to munch on the plant's leaves or flowers, they tend to get confused, fall unconsious or fall asleep. They might even overdose and die. This is just my theory on the subject. Perhaps the actions of humans who used the plants over thousands of years have had an effect on the natural selection outcome of the plant's survival and precociousness to predominate over other plants.
    Although in the case of cannibinol, an overdose would be pretty unlikely, but the effect of the "munchies' would cause the animals to eat more & spread the seeds over a larger area within their feces. Also a possible purpose. Any theories out there?
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    well, here is my take. it served a purpose many many years ago, its a strong industrial fibre and they knew of its use. so they took that. they also noticed a strange thing, its excreted a chemical that people finally found and used for their own purposes, and liking it so much propagated the plant as a crop. throughout the years of evolution we have changed our perspective of what the plant can do for us, it has evolved with us, as have other plants, corn in particular, look at the history of corn and you will understand the recent history of MJ. as for the original reason behind the thc production. i seriously doubt that it was a major factor, the original hemp plants were too low in content to be of use like that, they just produced it, and people took advantage of it to make the potent strains we know thousands of years ago. but it probably had something to do with a mutation, and its just a mutation that people in particular wanted to exploit so we did, but many plants create many chemicals that have no use whatsoever and we ignore them. im sure oak trees create chemicals that we could extract, but what would they be good for??? we just found one and played with it long enough to create effects that were more desireable for us. im sure we could do the same with oak trees and find ones that make more acorns, which are edible seeds, we just typically dont eat them is all. corn used to look more like a cross between barley and the seed pods of grass, and we early in our history did our genetic breeding to create a plant with a thick stem that grows easily and creates a highly nutritious full ear of corn. so it was just by luck that we found the weed plant, its by our desires that it does what we on this site get our effect from. if we had never interfered who knows, the gene for producing the thc might have eventually disappeared completely. there are plants that produce poison in their seed pods, what would the point of that be if the point was to spread the seed, its all intertwined with human nature, and evolution. we have been affecting evolution since we found out how to change crops to do what we want them to do by finding the correct traits we are looking for. essentially, we have been playing god for millennia.
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    THC isn't even on the plant until it starts to flower anyhow...it's critical for the plant to survive veg growth so that it can flower..I'd call that theory dead, but that's just me.

    THC isn't the only compound in cannabis to begin with, nor the only intoxicating one. There's 65 others.

    The variations in amount of those 66 total active cannabinoids is what allows for marijuana to treat a rather extensive variety of ailments and conditions. I believe cannabis sativa was most certainly created for medical use, and cannabis hemp was created for fiber, and it's other many uses of which I do not know all of them, but there's a lot.

    The sheer fact that there's only about two to three weeks in the plants life that it will actually contain psychoactive chemicals, I don't believe it's a "defense or survival" mechanism.

    also, you misspelled cannabidiol..
  4. the image reaper

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    a Botanist told me, it is the plant's self-defense mechanism, to repel insects, I don't know how true that is :smokin: (if I was a bug, it would probably attract me :D)
  5. Weezard

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    Say which!?

    Howzit, Markass?

    You wrote;

    "THC isn't even on the plant until it starts to flower anyhow"...

    "The sheer fact that there's only about two to three weeks in the plants life that it will actually contain psychoactive chemicals"

    I disagree. Based on fact and experience.
    This surprised me because your advice is usually sound.:wtf:

    Aloha Weezard
  6. bhouncy

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    Seen a program that mentions that there is a sea creature (not sure what) or sea vegetation that has cannabinoids (sp) receptors. We are all connected and cannabis is no different.

    Off topic there was another show I seen where this woman took THC alone and exhibited psychosis and looked in a bad way. But when she took the whole range of cannabinoids she was giggling away.
  7. delusionsofNORMALity

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    i'm sure that there was an original reason for the production of the various chemicals in cannabis, whether as an attractant or a repellent, that helped assure the plant's survival, but its use by humans over the centuries for its psychoactive properties has undoubtedly bred a plant, whether intentionally or accidentally, with far higher concentrations of those substances. i've always just considered it a happy coincidence that those chemicals, when mixed with our own brain's chemistry, induce a pleasant and harmless effect. believing that that effect is the plant's sole purpose for producing those chemicals would tend to imply an importance to humanity that i'm not sure we deserve. just be thankful it doesn't make you vomit.:D
  8. Purple Banana

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    THC falls into a larger class of chemicals called cannabinoids. These chemicals, present both in cannabis as well as naturally produced in the human body, have no CLEAR and concise purpose that we really know of, but we're learning new information every year about THC and other cannabinoids. Those who claim THC is a defense mechanism against animals are correct; research also shows the secretion of THC from a plant also has prominent UV-B protection attributes, which helps protect the plant from damaging UV rays.

    Research indicates the purpose for the receptors in the human brain are much more prominent than we once thought.

    For example, the cannabinoid receptors in the human brain- C1 and C2 respectively- each have different functions. C1 primarily is responsible for reactions within the central nervous system (CNS), while C2 seems to have more of an effect on the immune system.

    The theory regards the receptor sites in the body- if the body has receptor sites for cannabinoids, then they must be produced naturally by the body. These naturally produced substances are called endocannabinoids. We have a very similar system on an opiate-based level with endoprhins, human-made opiates which are responsible for inducing pleasure, pain relief, etc.

    Much in the way that smoking pot gives one the munchies, this is one of the primary functions of the endocannabinoids and their receptors- hunger control. Certain types of endocannabinoids released induce in humans a state of hunger, telling our body to crave food in order to eat. Endocannabinoids are released through mom's breastmilk primarily to encourage the infant to feed- this is why cannabis use during pregnancy poses little threat to the infant and mother, and also one of the main reasons why cannabis is such an effective nausea control mechanism.

    Other functions of the cannabinoid receptors include (but are not limited to): relaxation, pain relief, altering time and space, and increased pleasure in sensory organs (i.e. better tasting, better smelling, better feeling, etc). This is why being stoned feels like a heightened sensory experience... Because it is!
  9. Markass

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    not very easy to get stoned off of immature marijuana is basically what that's referring to..you're not going to get anything but a headache if you smoke it before there's even calyxes on it..and nothing but a headchange if it's early even if there's trichomes..very little if any is what I shall rephrase it to
  10. Islandborn

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    I have no clue what the purpose is, but thank you to whatever deity,god, nature, earth, alien, or Tom Cruise who gave it to us. I love it.:jointsmile:
  11. Mr. TBAGU 420

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    But how could the bug be "stunned" by the plants THC, when THC isn't even active to get you high until it's heated up.
  12. Purple Banana

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    Human digestive systems don't have the proper chemicals in our stomach to convert D-9-THC to D-7-THC, but some animals DO have the chemicals in their bodies to break it down.

    I'm not entirely sure by what mechanism it repels insects, although I don't believe it repels insects (cannabis uses wind and insects for pollination) but maybe deters animals from eating the flowers/leaves/etc. for some reason. Not sure of the mechanism, though...
  13. Weezard

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    Stoned out? Or gummed up?

    Howzit, P. B.?

    I have seen birds sit on a branch of another plant and stretch their neck to snatch pot seeds.
    They don't seem to enjoy sticky feet.

    Got pictures of a honey bee that got too stoned to fly for a while.
    Jus' hung around, dangling from a leaf by her mandibles till she sobered up.

    Dunno how "stunned" da little bugs get, but they do get stuck.
    I find dead bugs stuck to the sugar leaf alla time.

  14. wingedson

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    Don't claim to know...

    I find it interesting that Mary has been revered by Shaman, Priests, and just your average individual for thousands of years. I personally feel that every plant on this planet has a purpose for being here, and that each plant has a unique spirit within. I also find it VERY interesting that the Dogon tribe, and the Egyptians believe that Mary is from Sirius, and that it was a gift from the Elder's to help heal humanity. I realize this is not a scientific perspective, nor even a logical perspective, but I personally think the Egyptians had some amazing insight into existence that we have totally turned into dormant aspects of our humanity. When I meditate, or do any sort of esoteric practices, Mary has always helped my sense of energy flow, my intuitive connection, and my clairvoyant capacities. I realize some of you will think that this is just a trick of the mind, and while it may be, it's a damn interesting trick, and one that I have learned a great deal from.

    As far as what the purpose of THC, and the other cannabinoids are....I don't think any of us can really get the bottom of that easily. It's like asking what the purpose of life is in general, and as far as I can tell it's for living. Perhaps they were an evolutionary tactic meant to repel bugs, but then I question why the flowers of cannabis stand out so brilliantly, and why the aroma is so pungent.

    To those of you who grow outdoors, what do you notice as far as bug attraction? Obviously, mites, aphids, thrips, and certain worms are incredibly attracted to cannabis. When I have crushed a blob of mites that were clumped at the tip of a bud, they smelled just like resin. Are they eating the trichomes? Are they purposely ingesting cannabinoids to further their Borg agenda? I would love to hear more!
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    I'm sure I've told this one before, probably to Weezard!

    Originally posted by Mr. TBAGU 420
    True story:

    Back in the early 90's I was living in Chicago (my son now owns my old condo) and was running some Afgan seeds from a bag I had come by. One particular plant had a long cola growing at least 12" long. I was running HPS in those days so I opened up a few windows on warm day and a yellow jacket came in the widow before I could get the screen down and headed straight for the grow room. It landed directly on the main cola o that plant.

    My first thought was "how the heck am I gonna get rid of that wasp", but when I finally worked up my courage to get close enough and poke it with a stick, the wasp fell to the floor, dead as a doornail.

    So .... I guess it kills wasps.
  16. MerryPrankstr

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    It is not enough for a shamon to "use" mary or any other plant for that matter. For full potenial, one should "tame" the plant by tending to it, acknowledging it's inviduality and spirit.

    I like the way you think!

  17. Weezard

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    There are more things, Horatio...

    Sounds like someone has met madam Salvia.:cool:
    Pot plants don't talk much but there's someone in there, yah?:jointsmile:
    Every one, an individual.
    A dunno, so far, we're jus' good friends.:D

    Howzit MP?
    Still kickin' I see.
    So 're we.

  18. MerryPrankstr

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    madam Salvia, no... :eek:
    Perhaps some effects left over from my younger bus days...
    Weed and brew is as strong as I go unless it's some single malt scotch ;)
    But do form a bond with my ladys, and sometimes a good sativa will prop those doors of perception just enough to loo in the other sidefor a sec or two.

    Still kick'n for the mo...

    Glad to se ya 'round, bro !

  19. Weezard

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    This parrot's not dead.

    Nah, mate.
    Not dead yet.
    'e was just fagged out after a long squat!
    'es pinin' for the fnords, 'e is.
    (Afghan will do dat to ya.)
    Jus' put 'em on a saucer wit' a doughnut for 2 days.
    When he wakes up, he'll eat himself to death.:D

    Oh, this is silly weed indeed!

    Sorry, sorta.;)

  20. MerryPrankstr

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    PININ' for the FJORDS?!?!?!? What kind of talk is that?, look, why
    did he fall flat on his back the moment I got 'im home?

    Look, I took the liberty of examining that Wasp when I got it home,
    and I discovered the only reason that it had been sitting on the plant in
    the first place was that it had been NAILED there.



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