Putting alcohol in the bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by shadowfox, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. shadowfox

    shadowfox Registered+

    Does it make any difference if you put alcohol instead of water in your bong? Like, does it make you any higher?

    And does anybody else do what I do--I put in tiny ice cubes (you can buy tiny ice cube trays from Kmart or Wallmart) into the water, making the water really cold. It really helps cool the smoke, and you get a cold sensation when you first inhale the smoke. It's pretty awesome.

    I guess this is similar to gravity bongs, or whatever you call it with the ice, but I never figured out how to make those things.
  2. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    Yeah ice bongs rule, its mega smooth. I think putting alcohol in the bong wouldnt acheive anything, except wasting your booze.
  3. rnf232s

    rnf232s Registered+

    I would just stick to using water. One it probably gives you a cleaner taste and two alcohol can absorb some of the THC.
  4. SmokeyPotter

    SmokeyPotter Registered+

    yeah THC is soluable in alcohol, so you would definately be wasting some
  5. Trips Rolls Bowls

    Trips Rolls Bowls Registered+

    thc is alcohol soluble, your wasting the booze, unless you drink it after (yuck). and icey bongs are tha shit :D

    also, if yourinterested, try making a green dragon. you take a bottle of high grade alcohol (dont know which kinds are the best). you put a bunch of bud and let it set for a week or so and the thc absorbs. then you drink :) (not talking about rubbing alcohol by the way).
  6. apsinthion

    apsinthion Registered+

    Yeah ice is a good thing.

    For somthing a lil differant though try putting a little bit of mouth wash in too.;)

    Alcohol in the bong ain't such a good idea though (weaken's the blow)

    You can make what trips rolls bowls said and make some green dragon. Scan the board's and you'll find out how to do it.
  7. Trips Rolls Bowls

    Trips Rolls Bowls Registered+

    doesnt mouth wash have a lil alcohol?
    try ice and put in a few listerine strips :)

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