qualities of good bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by xTorches, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. xTorches

    xTorches Registered+

    im new to buying and i was wondering what are the qualities of good bud?
  2. Boo360

    Boo360 Registered+

    Well all depends on where you live. Where I live mexican brick shit is standard stuff but if you can find some nice kreeper then thats normally some of the best shit around here. It all just varies on place to place.
  3. ryanses

    ryanses Registered+

    the smell, the taste, the appearance.. it all depends on where you live and what is growing there. after a while of seeing good weed and smoking it, you grow and adapt to it, and you can tell if its good or not.
  4. xTorches

    xTorches Registered+

    im talking like NJ area
  5. ryanses

    ryanses Registered+

    wow, completely opposite side of the us as you, cant help you out much on that one. send some pics of weed you buy there and im pretty sure youll get some opinions. im from southern california and we get some pretty dank herb over here
  6. BowofNoodo

    BowofNoodo Registered

    What are some attributes of a good 'tasting' weed?
  7. ryanses

    ryanses Registered+

    it depends on what strain your smoking. fruity tastes, piney scent.. if the weed smells strong and potent, its good. you will know if it smells strong and potent.

    hmm attributes of good tasting weed, im not sure how you would classify that but all plants have different tastes. sometimes you can even taste something thats familiar to you. for instance, once i had some snowcap and it tasted like lucas that mexican candy
  8. BowofNoodo

    BowofNoodo Registered

    Yeah I can definetly tell what your saying about the smells. But to be honest I can't remember weed tasting good unless it was from a bong. Most of my pipe hits taste like crap. And it's new only about 2 weeks old.
  9. burnable

    burnable Registered+

    you should break open the bud to get a true smell sample. Most of the time if the bud looks frosty with crystals, it's high quality. Just scroll through the library of photos on this site; people generally don't post pics of bad herb. Either way you will become more adept at identifying good herb through experience. It's kinda like wine. I really like wine and I drink cheaper stuff but I would like to become better at appreciating and identifying good wine. Fortunately with wine, high price often denotes high quality. Not always with weed, especially because of the nature of the market and dealers like to take advantage of boodah beginners
  10. Ears13

    Ears13 Registered+

    Like everyone has already said ; light green colour, lots of crystals, orange hairs, all that fun stuff. But sometimes that can fool you, I have smoked weed that looked like shit weed but actually got me really high.

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