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  1. controversy

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    I am not a very experienced cannabis user, but I recently purchased an ounce of resin off a reasonably trust worth source. Is there any way I can easily get an idea of the quality of the stuff? I dont wanna be smoking rat poison! lol

    I had smoked a bit, and thought it was pretty sweet, no weird side effects although I have been unusually paranoid... But that may be normal.

    It is dark brown in appearance, reasonably hard, crumbles fairly easily.

    Apologies if there are already threads on this, But i have looked and couldn't really see any! I just want a quick, easy, simple answer.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. GrinKyle

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    I dont even smoke my resin, i rather stick with real cannabis.

    Now if its hash thats way different than resin...
  3. maxsuperdanks

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    Actually, hash is comprised of resin.

    The black shit in your bowls is incorrectly referred to as resin.

    It's just tar, hunks of weed, and very little thc.

    But uh, dark brown soap bar hash sounds like a good treat. Post a good picture and we can tell you more.

    Otherwise everyone's just going to be like "DON'T SMOKE THAT! SEND IT TO ME FOR ANALYSIS!"
  4. poseidon

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    try heating it, the faster it catches fire, the purer it is.. 9th grade chemistry.. though i've heard that the hash people get in america usually isn't that great.
  5. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    The hash we get in America is usually home made.

    Whatever kill strain I have, I make hash with, it's good.

    I hear the hash in the UK is bullshit, brickdust and all that kind of ilk.
  6. az666

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    Living on a small island with mostly "soapbar" floating around, i would refere to it in a completly different sense to "hash."

    Alot of what the UK calls soapbar is very low grade!!
    UKCIA Soapbar warning - cannabis conamination - don't buy soapbar!
    (Soapbar has been refered to many times on this site over the years...just click search and type in soapbar....im sure you will find alot of opinions....and i'm sure not many people will have a good thing to say about soapbar)

    Hash on the other hand...well...words can't describe :)
    Trust me you will be able to tell the difference if you are smoking "soap" or you are smoking true "hash".
    It's a different world.
  7. poseidon

    poseidon Registered+

    exactly! , You can tell when you're smoking awesome hash man.. Whats soapbar all about though? I've never had any, is it like shit hash? or is it something else?
  8. az666

    az666 Registered+

    SOAPBAR (it's called "soap" because a 250g bar is shaped like a bar of soap) is perhaps the most common type of hash in the UK and it is often the most polluted.

    Now, not all soap is bad of course, but some certainly is. At worst there may only be a tiny amount of low grade hash mixed with some very strange stuff:

    Beeswax, turpentine, milk powder, ketamine, boot polish, henna, pine resin, aspirin, animal turds, ground coffee, barbiturates, glues and dyes plus carcinogenic solvents such as Toluene and Benzene
  9. controversy

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    Hey, sorry about the slow reply.. here are a few pics.. it looks a bit redder here than it actually is its more a dark brown green but i think you get the idea...

    thanks a lot for all your comments and help!

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  10. NextLineIsMine

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    trippy man ive never seen soap bar, how much is an Ounce and how much do you need to smoke for a sesh?
  11. controversy

    controversy Registered

    Hmm well that stuff cost me 80 pounds (about 160 dollars) and probably 2/3 pipes gets you well into it... then another one around every hour and a half 2 keep you up! lol

    I dont see why a lot of people say its a shit high and stuff... i mean fair enough its weaker than weed but you get more of it, and you probably get about 3/4 sucks whilst on weed youre lucky if you get two good ones!!!
  12. Orzy

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    Hash should never be weaker than plain bud.
  13. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    Never ever.
  14. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+


    Only in SunnyVale when Ricky says to stick with hash joints casue weed joints and liquer fuck you up more. Thats the only time I heard hash being less potent than weed. but its halarious when he says it.
  15. hudson88

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    If it is soapbar (and i'd say it looks suspiciously like it) then £80 is too much to pay, it goes for about £40 an Oz where I am but IMO I wouldn't smoke it if it was free. (you should be able to tell if it's soapbar just by burning it in your joint, like was already stated it takes much more heat to burn soapbar than any other hash also if it's very hard and crumbles in big chunks that remains hard thats a sign its soap, there's also usually small strips of plastic in it too)

    People say it's a shit high and stuff because it is, you're not getting high from the THC you're getting high from all the shit in it. smoking glue, boot polish and turps etc will make you feel high but do you really wanna put it in your lungs tho? If you do just get some glue and a bag, at least that way you're not smoking animal shit too! Oh yeah and you'll get a lot of glue for £80 too if you're that bothered about saving a few quid! Much better to find a decent dealer and pay around £80 for a half Oz of decent weed. It'll probably last as long as the Oz of soap so long as you don't hammer it, will be better for your health, will taste much better and give you a proper high.
  16. poolo2k9

    poolo2k9 Registered

    im from ireland and i smoke soap bar. its around €100 for an oz. weed and real hash are avalible but it cost to much. a gram of weed:Rasta::stoned::Rasta: cost around €14 and the lumps of real hash are very small. the weed and real hash are much better than the soap stuff bu its still very good smoke nd gets you stoned:Rasta: most people in ireland smoke soap bar aswell. its not as bad as comments in this forum say.:Rasta::jointsmile::Rasta:and it last way longer:Rasta::jointsmile::Rasta:
  17. weedmaster

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    looks like the average soap bar, sorry mate but that stuff is shit, if you ever smoked proper hash you would know how bad the quality is, couple of years ago could get a bar (9oz) for about £175-£200, wouldn't have thought the price has gone up that much. i personally would rather pay for a oz of good quality weed than a 9 bar.
  18. jokeyjokejoke

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    That's soapbar. It may be cheaper but it's poison. You can smoke it if you want but i'd say it's more important to have your health than a cheap buzz.

    What you should do is take it back where you got it and tell the guy it's shit and that you want your money back.

    This is what's in it;

    Beeswax, turpentine, milk powder, ketamine, boot polish, henna, pine resin, aspirin, animal turds, ground coffee, barbiturates, glues and dyes plus carcinogenic solvents such as Toluene and Benzene

    source: UKCIA Soapbar warning - cannabis conamination - don't buy soapbar!
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  19. Purple Banana

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    I posted something on the boards ages ago about buying hash- I had bought about 60 bucks worth of hash, it wouldn't light properly, and had a very sweet taste to it. I did some lab work on a small sample of it, and it contained a large amount of sugar- the fucker has cut it with MOLASSES. It was more suitable to eat than to smoke!

    I very rarely trust hash unless it's handmade by me or a friend. I've made charas before- hand rolled hash from kief, and it ended up working well. Bubble hash that my friend and I made turned out to be a nice soft honey color- tasted like heaven!

    All in all? I would ONLY ever buy hash from people I know very well, or just make it yourself. Otherwise, you're just asking to be ripped off.
  20. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    I'm not completely sure why everyone is surprised that they've had horrible experiences with soapbar.. it seems you all get it off some random that cuts it with the worst shit possible. Soapbar is the same as schwag, you might get lucky here and there but 99% of the time you're just going to be fucking your lungs up bad. And if you're dropping that much just buy good weed.. Is there something I'm missing here?

    And by the way.. England needs more hippies. I've noticed the majority of horror stories comes from across the pond. There's all this shit in hash, weed is sprayed with glass.. What the fuck guys hahaha

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