Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand' started by EminEM1, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. EminEM1

    EminEM1 Registered+

    Anyone out there from Queensland? :Rasta:
  2. PieEyedPiper

    PieEyedPiper Registered+

    I'm from the capital,been enjoying a smoke for 32 years and have no known mental illness
  3. mushy

    mushy Registered

    yeah im from qld im on the gold coast man
  4. afro

    afro Registered

    im in qld marsden bro
  5. Tyrannus

    Tyrannus Registered

    I'm from Brissie, Holland Park to be more exact. Good to see thers plenty of queenslanders here.

    FOXBIRD Registered+

    im from america, but im an aussie at heart.
  7. EminEM1

    EminEM1 Registered+

    queensland here
  8. StonerTom

    StonerTom Registered

    im from QLD, Sunshine Coast,
  9. bud breath420

    bud breath420 Registered+

    QLd here... i live near toowoomba
  10. puffinerb

    puffinerb Registered

    yep im from brissy :)

    SDK SLAYER Registered+

    :stoned: I am originally from QLD, been in S.A. 14 yrs. now ;) still very much a QLD'er at heart tho....I'm from a small sugar town near the Whitsunday's....atm I'm in Adelaide's northern suburbs :):smokin: :thumbsup:
  12. Nock!!

    Nock!! Registered

    Brissssbannner here... dus any1 kno anywher in Brissy wher i cud buy a bonggggg??
  13. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    nah man ..down south S.A.i love Qld tho ...nice place to live.
  14. maryjaNe_

    maryjaNe_ Registered+

    Kuraby / Springwood area. :D
  15. GrummieBear

    GrummieBear Registered+

    I live in S.A its good to see so many of people from Aus around
  16. needap

    needap Registered

    hi guys south brissy here.:thumbsup:
  17. Helterskelter2

    Helterskelter2 Registered

    Brisbane, Caboolture(hole)
  18. Ithillion

    Ithillion Registered

    Oxley (brisbane!). Although of late, St. Lucia.
  19. bambu01

    bambu01 Registered

    central coast

    central coast between gladstone and bundy
    growing hard right now:Rasta:
    how do you like the peace plant?

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  20. AussieBill

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