QUEST test - Test tomorrow! Detoxify XXTRA CLEAN or Dilution? OR both?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by hightillidie420, Jan 12, 2010.

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    I'm 6'4" 200 lbs, I'm a big meat eater and have an average metabolism.

    I've been a heavy smoker for years, but I cut it off for a week, then smoked twice, cut off it another 8 days, and my test is tomorrow.

    I have two options:
    1. Detoxify XXTRA CLEAN which I bought from my headshop.
    2. Dilution according to this forum.

    I took a home test 2 days ago after following the dilution thread and PASSED. (I actually didn't have the Creatine, but I used the aspirin and Super B Complex vitamins - my pee was noenish yellow).
    I took a home test today with the first pee of the morning and FAILED.

    The test that I have to pass for my job is a QUEST DIAGNOSTICS SAP 10-100/300 W/NIT. I understand this is a 10-panel screen, but I don't understand the 100/300 part. From research I believe the w/NIT part means they check for Nitrates.

    Here are my questions:
    I bought some Super B Complex vitamins from CVS and one of the ingredients is "Thiamin (Vitamin B-1 as Thiamin Mononitrate)." Is this going to trigger any alarms since they are testing for nitrates?

    Does that also mean they check for adulterants - like anything that might be in Detoxify XXTRA CLEAN? Should I be worried that this drink may test positive for adulterants or is that just in "Klean?" I don't see anything on here with the word "Nitrate" in it but I'm no chemist so I don't know what breaks down into nitrates or anything else that might trigger an alarm for adulterants.

    And I want to pass the test, I don't want a dilution.

    I'm torn.

    On one hand I've passed the home test already with the dilution thread, but will that mean I just have to test again?

    On the other hand, my friend used Detoxify XXTRA CLEAN and it worked perfectly for him, and I might just go with it - but I don't know the specifics of the w/NIT part of the test and if they will notice that I used a cleaning drink.

    What about both?

    Help would be appreciated, and please cite your sources of some kind so I know if you know what you're talking about - this is a serious job - no 711.
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    The 100/300 are cutoff limits for THC and an off-topic drug that cannot be discussed in this forum. :postreadrulez:

    The NIT code means they will be checking for excessive nitrites as well as specific gravity, pH, and creatinine since they are all part of the validity test.
    Nitrites are found in some drop-in addtives used for spiking a urine sample. It is also found in such foods as pork and poultry. The human body can also produce nitrites naturally, though this is a sign of a urinary tract infection. For this reason, only a tiny amount of nitrites can be permitted in a urine sample.
    Under current DHHS regulations, any urine sample with a nitrites level over 500 mcg/ml (micrograms per milliliter) is considered "forensically defensible" as proof of adulteration.

    All magic detox drink potions are an overpriced way of accomplishing the same thing that can be accomplished by following the guidelines outlined in the Dilution thread.
    Because the drinks work by dilution, the urine sample would not be flagged for adulteration, but would be flagged as "overdiluted" due to the creatinine and specific gravity being too low.

    And because they work by dilution, detox potions (like any dilution technique) can backfire if the THCA concentration in the bladder is too high. For most daily users, its virtually impossible to dilute that concentration without overdiluting and sending up the red flags at the lab.
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    Thanks for your response.

    I took the test today, and followed the dilution thread, but couldn't find any creatine supplements. I also took the detox drink - figured it couldn't hurt - and saw that the drink has creatine in it. I took the drink 2 hours before the test as per directions from the headshop, so I guess the creatine didn't do much. I had a big dinner last night of some nice lamb though so maybe that will help :thumbsup:

    I took a First Check home test before and after the test, and passed both of them. I guess now my only worry is dilution. Today is Wednesday, and I'm supposed to start this job on Monday. When do you think I would find out if I have to re-take it?
  4. Burnt Toast

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    Any creatine intake needs to be done 2-3 days before the U/A. It takes 2-3 days for the body to metabolize creatine into creatinine, so the creatine in the magic potions are useless since youre instructed to ingest the potion on the day of the U/A.
    Doing both the potion and the N2 Dilution method will increase the likelihood of the sample coming back "too-diluted". Some employers will accept a "too-dilute" while others may grant a retest, and others will simply move on to the next job candidate.

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