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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Dr. VanNostrin, Apr 9, 2006.

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    I am cloning in a mixture of perlite and water, in a tupperware type container that is about 7 inches tall. instead of a dome i used half of a 1-gallon ziplock bag with a rubber band on the top to keep in humidity. the roots showed yesterday and have grown since then, but are still just starting. how long should i keep the humidity top on? after the roots reach a certain size? thanks for any help
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    Doc i take my clones out of the dome as soon as the roots start to take and the plant looks perky. the postman.
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    R U using soil or hydro, what kind of light, mh or fluor.?
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    I ment what are you going to after the perlite ?
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  6. Dr. VanNostrin

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    will be using a mixture of peat moss and perlite for my medium. may throw in some brand of organic potting soil, perhaps schultz or miracle grow, not a lot - my medium is still going to be mostly peat moss and perlite, and no I wont be using miracle grow fertilizer, i have fox farm stuff. will be using compact fluoros. i currently have two that are 23 watts, 1600 lumens a piece; i know thats not a lot, but I will be buying at least 2 more of those for a total of just under 6500 lumens. and of course i have my 250 watt hps for flowering. the clone is currently in enough perlite to hold it upright with water to keep it moist, perhaps even a little too moist. but surprisingly enough there is no hint of algea even starting to form, and its been 7 days. might this have anything to do with the fact that i am using distilled water? in any case, the thing is growing roots and i have no algea, and this is my first clone that has ever gotten roots, ive never really done it right. thanks go to Gen, i believe, on the perlite and water method
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    Once roots are established you can remove the humidity dome.
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    I used to use water cloning (when I grew) so I never had clones in a dome more than a day or two. This eliminates most problems associated with humidity induced diseases.

    bottled water. Narrow neck dark container (I use beer bottles), keep temps at around 75-80 degrees, a steady but not powerful light about 6 ft away (60watt). Top up water every day, wait for up to two weeks for roots. Transfer to dome for couple days so they can get more intense light for growing roots without wilting/drying. Viola! New clone.
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    Remove the dome gradually- take it off for a while, see how the plants are doing, they might wilt a little, put it back on. Repeat until they don't wilt when the dome is removed.

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