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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Terps, Feb 28, 2007.

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    ok so i no for MAXIMUM potentcy u harvest when trics are 80% amber blah blah blah...but ok im growing 1 plant under cfls and i still have alot from my last harvest to smoke and was woundering if i let the plant go a extra month wont there be alot more bud just a little less potent?

    10 weeks flowering - 1.5 oz HELLA dank
    15 weeks flowering - 2.5 oz dank????
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    no, after a certain point THC starts to degrade, this is after you have reached the maximum 'potency'; and there is a point when no more bud will form.
  3. Terps

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    i dont care if the thc degrades a little bit...the bud from the plants i grew before (which are the same plants im growing now) get me so fucking high a little less potent i could care less. i want to no if i let them go a little long how long would they keep producing bud i dont care about thc.

    how long tell they stop producing bud and turn hermie.

    2, 3, 5 weeks after trics are 100% amber?

    (what im saying is id rather have 2oz a little less potent then 1.5 oz rly potent)
  4. The.Devil.Himself

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    No no no.

    The very question makes me wonder how you have "smoke from your last harvest".

    First, "trics" as you say, are the CRYSTALS of THC filled resin glands. Your plant MUST be harvested at the point when these "trics" are standing straight up and have a little mushroom head! The coloring of these "trics" when ready for harvest will turn from clear to milky white. When they are all "amber", the THC has decomposed and your bud is ruined.

    "Pistils" are the HAIRS on a female plant. Another indication of when to harvest.... Pistils will cover the plant throughout the flowering process, especially in the last two weeks. This is also when the pistils will begin turning red/brown/orange....

    When 75% of these "PISTILS" have changed color from white to red/orange/brown.....


    If you attempt to grow your plant any longer than that you will ruin your crop completely.

    Marijuana's life cycle is based on an annual routine:

    germinate, seedling stage, vegetative stage, flowering/buding stage, DEATH

    In other words, when the plant shows you sign it's at the end of it's life cycle, HARVEST.

    The hairs change color for a reason - they never get pollen from males and retract. When the plant begins to retracts all the hairs, that means you will no long gain ANYTHING by letting plant continue to grow, you will only lose quality/quantity.



    Trichome - crystals/resin/GOOD STUFF THC!!!!!
    Pistil - Female hair starts off as white!
    Calyx - The cone-shaped pod surrounding the "pistils"!!

    Get your vocabulary down when you ask a silly question!
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  5. Terps

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    ok im asking this because its NOT time to harvest....thats why im asking now

    so i ment PISTOLS (fuck me, and your a bitch btw)

    im trying to get the most bud i can i dont care how potent it is i just dont want males.

    ...its not like one day your bud is DANK! and the next day its garbage. im asking how long can i let it go.

    its not like your guna lost quantity...your buds wont srivle up to nothing, they will just dry out.
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    I don't have enough experience to answer confidently so I won't even try but...

    As it says in the bible

    "As the pistils grow out from the calyx they form resin glands (trichomes), which gradually change in color before they shrink and wither. This withering of the trichomes affects the look of the pistils, which in turn fade and tend to look burnt and dry. This ^unhealthy' appearance of the trichomes is perfectly natural. The plant has completed the blooming period and the trichomes are no longer needed to gather pollen.The cannabinoid content of these trichomes is not lost, however. It is simply converted into other psychoactive cannabinoid compounds. THC will also degrade as it is converted into other psychoactive compounds. Eventually, exposure to light will further degrade these cannabinoid compounds to next to nothing if the plant is not harvested."

    But it also says later down

    It's all about careful observation of the trichomes and their comparison to withered ones. Don't forget that trichomes can be harvested early or allowed to grow past their peak in order to affect the eventual high of the finished product.
  7. Terps

    Terps Registered+ what im trying to find out is from someones past experiences, how long will a plant continue to produce bud plant mater itself... i no when the trics are cloudy, u can let them go longer and it will still produce more buds to a curtin point and then stop altogether and turn hermie, i need to no that time frame....3-5 days after all trics are cloudy?

    im going for qunatity over quality this grow...
    "Drunk college kids will buy anything when there half pissed up" <--as my buddie would say.
  8. The.Devil.Himself

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    Your females will NOT turn hermaphrodite or male on you when you are deep into flowering, period. It would take so much stress it's rediculous...

    And you WILL lose quality, every day you let the buds sit bast their peak, they will shrivel up, lose potency and eventually be worthless.

    THC degrades at a very fast rate, ligh, heat, just about anything breaks it down.

    Not harvesting at the peak time is just a waste of the grow effort alltogether.
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  9. The.Devil.Himself

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    The only way you can have the plant produce more leaf and plant material after budding is to go back to your vegetative light cycle.

    This will destroy the bud even further.

    Why not try this if you want more weed....

    Grow more weed!

    Study the law in your state

    How many plants can you posess and still receive the same punishment?

    My state says 24 - 25 and over is mandatory minimum sentances....

    Don't waste the effort growing good weed only to phuck it all up right at the end.... simply grow more if you want more!!
  10. keeko

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    thank you!!!

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