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    For the past couple of months I have been trying to monitor my diet so that I can get the most fiber. Unless I was gorging myself with high fiber foods I couldn't seem to get the recommended 30mgs in a day. I decided to start adding Metamucil to my daily intake 3 times a day as of yesterday. The next part may seem slightly "gross" but for all fighting the war on the bladder cops has probably experienced what I have questions about.

    First....since I started taking the Metamucil it seems as though I have started having some "rank" farts pretty often....which is embarrassing if around others. :( I'm planning on buying some "BEANO" to help with this embarrassment. What and/or why does fiber increase "farting power"?

    Also...I consider myself a very regular person when it comes to going to the bathroom and pooping. Once a day has been normal for my body for years. Since I started the Metamucil it seems like I poop more during the 2-3 times (little, soft, brown ones). Is this the fiber cleaning out the toxins (THC metabolites) from the system? If so, would it be wise to say that as I am exercising to lower levels of THC metabolites in the body fat that the metabolites is being eliminated a faster rate through the bowels?
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    Just to start off with your post is a little on the yuck side not because of what you are talking about but how you are talking about it. Instead of saying things like farting power, you could have said more gas or instead or rank just that they smell bad. I don't know about others here but using better terms makes it sound better.

    You just started the metamucil what 2 days ago. Give it some time and your body will adjust and it sounds like you needed it. You may have been having a bowel movement everyday but it sounds like you were not really regular in that they were somewhat incomplete. Metamucil is like the steel wool of soluble fibers. It is not only moving some of the metabolites out of you but a lot of waste products too hence the increase in bowel movements and gas. Not only does psyllium husk help eliminate waste products from you, it helps slough off cells lining the inside of your small and large intestines. This is a good thing as it helps prevent colon cancer as well as one of the best ways to clean out the inside of your body. It seems as though your det was lacking in fiber and your body is going through a spring cleaning. This will stop soon and return to a better than it was state. How much are you taking a day and how much at a time. If you are using the capsules, you should be taking at least 6 at a time. You increased bowel movements is more from the fiber pushing things through your system overall then just the fiber pushing out THC metabolites excreted from the increased exercise.

    Simethicone may be more effective in controlling your gas problem than beano. It is found by itself and in some antacids products. Look for it in the antacid/ H2 blocker section (Pecid/Zantac, etc) of your favorite store.

    I saw another post from you about if you take more hits per session what does that do to your levels. Of course the more you smoke each session the more will enter your body and the longer it will take to eliminate them. If you go to the gas station and put 10 gallons in your car instead of 5 gallons, isn't there more gas in the car and it takes longer before the gas tank is empty? Quantity and quality are both factors when considering how much THC and THC metabolites are in your body.
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    FBR...You asked how much as I'm taking a day and how often. I am taking the Metamucil as directed.....which is 1 teaspoon with 8 ozs of water 3 times a day. Should I increase the amount Metamucil and/or number of times a day I take it? I've thought about increasing the Metamucil to 2 teaspoons with 16 ozs of water 3 times a day...would that do more harm then good?

    Also...while I am thinking of it....with the increased of fiber getting into my system would that mean that the THC metabolites would start to be directed to the bowels instead of the bladder? If not, would the amount of metabolites levels at least be decreased going to the bladder?

    Thanks again in advance.
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    I'm more familiar with the caps than the powder so I googled it and if I am looking at the right nutritional guide it is one rounded tablespoon provides 3 grams of fiber 2 grams of which are soluble. This is the same a 6 capsules. For someone who is trying to get clean I usually recommend 3-4 of these servings per day. Would more help, at some point you are going to get diminising returns so I would say 6 servings a day or 3 double servings a day would be about the max I would recommend.

    Next, have you ever read my explanations of how soluble fiber works. It's on both forums you post your questions on so if you haven't I will say I am a little disappointed. Here is a basic explanation again. It helps to prevent reabsorbtion which results in getting rid of it from the body a little more quickly overall and the fiber binds to bile acids, causing the body to have to pull cholesterol from the blood to make more bile and (the cholesterol)can take some of the THC metabolites with it. In your last paragraph you pretty much asked the same question twice (that may not have been your intent) but the answers to any questions along that line is fiber can help eliminate THC metabolites overall as well as those that are available in the blood for the kidneys to eliminate thus ending up in the bladder. How much it helps I don't have a percentage or number but it seems in your case you it is going to help you more than most. If you want a more thorough explanation then search for my other posts on it. Try the term fiber or bile.
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