Question about multiple CFL wiring

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Arklenao2, Nov 8, 2006.

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    I'm always seeing people with 6/8 cfls wired in pieces of wood...
    How do people get CFLs wired up the quickest, easiet, cheapest ways wround?
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    yeah can someone plz answer this question i want to kno too!!!!!!!!:dance:
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    Hard to explain but ill try...

    We wired up our cfls on a board using SIMPLE light :fixtures: (not sure if that would be the right word receptacles maybe....). The 2 outer light fixtures had prongs on one end-that you can plug an extension cord into- and on the other the female end-to screw a light bulb into.

    in addition to those two fixtures, we found one that had two slots where you could plug things infor the center light.

    Drill holes in your board and fit your fixtures in there. Make sure they wont fall out/through.

    We wired up the two outer cfls to the inner fixture (the one that could plug two things into it) by cutting extension cords so that you have the male ends plugging into the middle fixture and the end that we cut wrapped [the wires]around the corresponding prongs on the outer light fixtures. We used liquid electrical tape to seal everything up...

    We also have two cfls clipped on using standard work lamps.

    Sorry if it didnt make sense...
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    Pretty easy to do really...

    Heres a couple simple wiring diagrams to help you out.

    Image 1 shows you how to wire your lights to a single pole switch so you have an easy way to turn them on/off without having to unplug them.

    Image 2 shows how to wire 6 sockets on one cord with no switch. (unplug to power off)

    I don't think thats too safe though honestly.

    The wiring remains the same no matter how many sockets you want on a board. But I wouldnt go with more than 4 on a single outlet.

    Heres the home depot shopping list

    4x porcelain or plastic light receptacles (sockets) = $6
    Pack of good quality 25' 14 gauge *BLACK* wire = $5
    Pack of good quality 25' 14 gauge *WHITE* wire = $5
    Lamp cord to plug in = $3
    Plastic electrical box (Single-Gang) = $1.50
    Wire nuts/connectors, Package of 12 = $1
    Electrical tape = 50cents
    Single-pole lightswitch = 50 cents
    Face plate for switch = 30 cents
    18" board to mount and wire them all on = free from scrap wood

    Learning to make your own light-board so you can give your babies more lumen powered love = Priceless

    I think Latewood said he was writing a step by step FAQ on how to do this, but if he doesn't, I might ;) .


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    can someone please make a more in depht FAQ or guide on this?

    im sure there are lots of people who would like to know...
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    would it be safe to put, say, 4x150W envirolites in such a fixture?
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    If you want to save time and money go to a used lighting/construction shop like "The Restore" and pick up a set or two of those cheesy 70's batheroom lights. I have 2 x 8lights and 1x4 lights and paid only 8 bucks for it all. I open my grow room and I expect God to start talking it's so bright!

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