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Question about Obtaining Grow Permits

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by MPLSweedman, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. MPLSweedman

    MPLSweedman Registered+

    for the past year or so my friend and i have been saving our money to eventually purchase a home and obtain all the necessary forms needed in order to grow medical cannabis. some day we want to open up a shop to sell the product to medical patients. we have two investors interested in the business plan

    but anyways, someone told me today that those permits are only given out to people who have been citizens of California for some time. obviusly i wouldnt move out there and begin growing the first day but is there a certain amount of time required to be a citizen before i do this? or do i need to find some natives and get them to live with me? my heart is set on doing this
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  2. veggii

    veggii Registered+

    first and foremost you will need a valid doctors recomendation .. :thumbsup:
  3. MPLSweedman

    MPLSweedman Registered+

    im not worried about that

    im just worried that im going to move out there, get that card, buy a $300,000 house and not be able to grow for some B.S. reason

    im being told you need to be a cali citizen for some time to do that stuff, any truth in that??
  4. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    no time requirement that I've ever heard of, in California ... as soon as you switch your driver's license, etc.,, you're a legal resident, and good to go :thumbsup: ... just bring lots of money with you, and, it may be best to be stoned, when you go to the DMV to buy your license plates :wtf: (they just doubled the fees, this month, goes by value of the vehicle) :mad: ... as to growing, some counties are still hassling growers, some are more tolerant ... :smokin:
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  5. veggii

    veggii Registered+

    yes you do need to be a cali citizen
    you have 10 days from day you entered california to get a DL and then you are california resident
    the BS reason? for example ; its stilll FEDERALLY ILLEGAL and they(dea) will arrest you,jail you and take everything you got ! yes it could happen to you it has happened to almost all pot stores in cali, bring your attourney and lots o money.

    i have been a legal patient here for years and have been trying todo what you describe but a smaller scale and have not been able too ,I have done all research and know exactly what is needed but i dont have the money&attourney that is needed, and my health has gotten very bad :(
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  6. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    yup, you will be OK to grow your own few plants, (more than enough to keep you supplied with your personal needs) , but if you want to sell your pot, not much has changed, they'll try to bust your ass ... I really expect the whole dispensary situation, to come crashing down, in the future ... even the guy that wrote the Prop. 215 laws, said on '60 Minutes'., that the dispensary concept was a terrible mistake, poorly written law, that turned out badly ... my personal opinion: IF medical marijuana is repealed, etc., it will be largely because of the whole dispensary reputation ... if you associate with non-MJ people, they tend to be very critical of all the "dispensary busted with $100,000 in cash, and guns" news blurbs ... WalMart brings in more cash in a few hours, than a dispensary does in a month, and I've never seen armed cashiers there :wtf:
  7. MPLSweedman

    MPLSweedman Registered+

    i just have this dream of growing and eventually opening a dispensary so i can legally sell the buds to patients. its probably the only job i know id really enjoy doing forever

    they shows on MSNBC in mendocino and humboldt county where people just grow it in their backyards like its nothing. saying that each permitted citizen is entitled to 15 plants, well 2 people in a home theres 30 plants. i wouldnt be doing this to make $10-20,000 a year id be looking to make atleast $100,000
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