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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by wishpotwaslegal, Sep 5, 2008.

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    is it good to let your plant get a first frost before pulling it out of the ground? and when i do pull it out of the ground can i hang it by its roots or do i have to cut the branches and hang them that way? its only one plant i want to get the most good out of it. thanx
  2. It can't be time for you to harvest already. If it is you could pull the plant out of the ground or cut it, then dry it as one whole plant or by the branches...

    Read what other people do and use it as a guideline. It may be the best thing to do or not.
  3. wishpotwaslegal

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    so no frost

    no your right its not time to pull yet but before i do pull it shoul i let one frost hit it first. and shoul i hang the plant right by its roots to get the most thc in to the buds.?
  4. wishpotwaslegal

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    ok that tells me what?

    has eny body hung their plants by the roots? and will that awsome smell of my plant be the same after hung dried and cured or will i loose a lot of that smell? caus i have never smelt pot that strong before and the seed i planted was from nothing special. the buds i got the seed from did not smell at all. unless you like hay smell
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    not done properly.

    the hay smell was caused by not fully dried buds being put into air tight containers to cure. it has nothing to do with the genetics of scent for the plant. if grown properly, dried evenly, and cured well, the finished buds will smell great and be quite smooth. i have heard numerous stories of people planting seeds from mexican brick weed, and the finished product is a very potent, very nice looking plant, so its all in the way you grow it...and genetics, of coarse.
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    you dont wanna have the roots at all, take clippers to the bottom of the stalk and hang it up side down in a well ventilated place for at very least 2 weeks to fully dry then if you want to cure it, look it up on the forum, always research first
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    Harvest the plant when the trichomes say it's time...
    Leaving the roots attached isn't going to make any more THC get to the buds. The roots contain no THC.
    I think you'll find that the buds will dry more quickly & efficiently if you cut the branches off and hang each one individually, with plenty of air circulation blowing around them.
    Proper drying & curing to get that wonderful smell/taste takes time.. A week or more of air drying and a month or more of curing in jars will have you very happy with the result. :)
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    I have a question as well regarding the same thing so i figured someone could maybe help me in this thread instead of needlessly making another..anyways i'm a first timer with no grow experience, had a good outcome but with no access to a microscope to see the trichomes i dont know exactly when to harvest but it looks like it's getting close, the hairs on the bud went from white to all of them being dark orange and i've been monitoring the crystals building up on the leaves by the bud because i heard when they stop producing crystal on leaves hairs get dark and bottom branches/leaves start dying/falling off

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