question about thc in the stems

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  1. do u know if theres any THC in the marijuana stems????
  2. Syrus

    Syrus Registered+

    short answer: not realy
  3. KennabisCranium

    KennabisCranium Registered+

  4. koshea

    koshea Registered+


    stems have tch, they accually have a decent ammount. leaves have very low thc but have crystals, so they have an effect. the stems (dependin on the quality of the bud) can and wil get you high. when i run dry i can crush up a stem and put lil buds i find round it and smoke it and get quite hgih. its a different type of high too
  5. daZenfmeister

    daZenfmeister Banned

    Psh i just leave then stems in when i break up my weed.
  6. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    Im a stem smoker. Sometimes you get a shitty headache high if it was bad weed to start with. Crush em up and sometimes you'll find shake with em for more thc. Its only for that rainy day. And ya gotta smoke quite a bit of it.
  7. Rahein

    Rahein Registered+

    I tried smokeing stems and it gave me a headache. Save them and make Green Dragon out of them. Check the Recipies forum for info on how to make it. I almost have enough stems for my first batch.
  8. BuD MaN

    BuD MaN Registered+

    Stem is good for needy times
  9. Buck268

    Buck268 Registered+

    Stem's will get you high but it ain't worth it. Save 'em up and make some tea!
  10. chrace

    chrace Registered+

    Whe I smoke with new people, I press them to chew on the stems, I think its pretty funny but they usually. They are mostly new college students, like me, so they already know a decent amount of the truth about marijuana smoke, and chewing stems is not bad really, its just funny to tell them and they refuse.
  11. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    I like munchin on a fat stem sometimes
  12. juggalo420

    juggalo420 Registered+

    i wouldnt smoke it cause i get headaches from stems, i do however like to chew on them it doesnt get you high but it tastes good.
  13. robert42

    robert42 Registered+

    i love chewin stems yummy yummy u can live on stems lol
  14. MetalMoses

    MetalMoses Registered+

    put a stem to your mouth and keep the other end lit. Draw as hard as you can (without hyperventilating or passing out) on the stem n’ Catch yourself a little buzz

    use a stem long enough so you don't burn your face durr :)

    Also you can chew stems and keep them in your lip. I’m not a fan of that though
    I eat my stems and seeds... good source for fatty proteins!
  15. The C

    The C Registered+

    I concur, i also enjoy the taste of the stems. Smoking stems also gives me a headache.
  16. Trace Evidence

    Trace Evidence Registered+

    no what would be bad ass, is take alot of stems, and like boil em or something and make rock candy outta that, so ud have like rock candy with that all i gotta do is figure out how to make rock candy
  17. GeorgePennington

    GeorgePennington Registered

    I think the best thing to do is not smoke any stems at all. Save them up along with leaf, and all that jazz. When you get an ounce or so, grind it up in a bud buster, and make some chronic honey oil.
  18. Blisterize

    Blisterize Registered+

    no thc in stems, red hairs or vege matter. all thc exists in "crystals". trychomes. red hairs are just dead cells. leafy matter is chlorofil. cya.
  19. GooseBear

    GooseBear Registered+

    lol chewing stems
    I like to chew um I tricked my roomate into thinking she could get high by chewing a wad of stems.........haha
  20. slipnslide087

    slipnslide087 Registered+

    actually koshea, stems dont have a decent amount of THC at all. very very small amount, like the leaves on the plant.

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