Question of the Day: Is THC Water Soluble?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by beachguy in thongs, Nov 19, 2005.

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    I found this at

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    Normal dextrin is easy to make at home (heat starch in an oven), cyclodextrins are made using special enzymes or bacteria. I doubt they're are used much for generic applications... But if you want to experiment you could start with something as simple as sugar or glucose to enhance the water solubility of THC: like dissolves like (water is very polar, syrup is less so). Adding surfactants would be the easiest way but I doubt anyone wants foam in their lungs ;)

    Dissolving the THC in a bit of alcohol before mixing it with a cyclodextrin solution would be a good idea. Better still, make a concentrated 2:1 cyclodextrin to THC solution in alcohol and then add water. Cyclodextrins might be too insoluble in alcohol though for this to be practical. Additives stabilize a solution, getting stuff to dissolve in the first place is the difficult bit. Shaking a blob of honey oil to get it to dissolve will, of course, take forever.

    I doubt this approach will be easy to implement. :( Beta-cyclodextrins (best suited for THC-like molecules) are not very soluble and since at most one cyclodextrin molecule will complex with one THC molecule the amount of water to be inhaled might be too great. But perhaps you could coax a THC molecule or two into a gamma-cyclodextrin ring. That might work, but this really is too complex stuff for speculation. God knows what the formation constants are...

    Weird, I distinctly remember reading somewhere that the solubility of THC is ~100mg/100cc not ~0.1mg as it actually is. :confused:

    end of quote--------

    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
    Chemical name (-)-(6aR,10aR)-6,6,9-trimethyl-
    Chemical formula C21H30O2
    Molecular mass 314.46 g/mol
    Boiling point 200 °C
    Solubility 2.8 g/l (water, 23 °C)
    CAS number 1972-08-3
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    Erm... that would be too long and complicated to read.

    But thanks :D
  3. robert42

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    so is THC water soluble?
  4. Reefer Rogue

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    No, i'm pretty sure it's not.
  5. Nullific

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  6. beachguy in thongs

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    It is somewhat soluble.

    Drinking bong water will produce minimal psychoactive effect, since THC and other cannabinoids are minimally soluble in water. -Wikipedia
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    Unless it's just a placebo, and the Wikipedia people are gullible :p
  8. FunkyMonkey

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    Well I wouldnt suggest drinking bong water.
    But thc is water soluable in small amounts. Small enough that it is generally not a recommended method of extraction/consumption. It depends on your desired results. Many drink tea for pain, nausea and insomnia.
    Remember there are upwards of 60 other cannabinoids in pot so each contributes to the effects you feel when you drink steeped pot tea, or ingest butter, or smoke it.
    Most of the talk is about thc but it is one contributing factor to your high or med value.
    Cannabinoids are more readily soluable in fats so butter is always a favorite for extracting a large majority of active ingredients from even the crappiest of weed.
    This article is more referring to how to prepare a solution to enhance the eventual water solution which isnt really an appeal to anyone looking to ingest.
    I would say that using an enhanced water extraction for smoking oils would be a longer process since the eventual evaporation part of the job is going to be lengthy. Water evaporates at a much slower rate to conventional solvents.
    Either way ita amazing what science can figure out :stoned:
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    i would have simply said yo beachnigga, THC isn't water soluable. but it's alright, mang. people find shit out on their own, and sometimes it's a lot better that way. :pimp:
  10. 3 Sheets To The Wind

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    You tryin'a kill him?!

    Lol :p
  11. jahjahjahjah

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    no thc is not water soluable, but bongs water pipes ect take out all the pyschoactives in marijuana
  12. beachguy in thongs

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    THC is slightly water soluble, some of the cannaboids are depleted when it passes through the water, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids. It's a fact I learned before I even knew cannabinoids were something relatively new. I think they were discovered in 1989.

    I don't think people read other things that others are writing.
  13. beachguy in thongs

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    I think someone has to study cannabinoids, I think there's a difference between the total solubility of THC and each and every distinct cannabinoid.
  14. Venhico

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    the cannabinoids in marijuana are mildly soluble in water, but if one were to say pass it through cold water, oh say in a water pipe with ice in the water(as pretty much everyone does) it will only absorb a very very minimal amount, and not many people are worried about losing that tiny amount of psychoactive substance, just as you don't recycle smoke you are losing more cannabinoids that way than through a water pipe so really don't worry about it I mean people get high off bongs it is a fact so you really don't have to try and convince people that they don't because no matter what they aren't going to believe you, and you can pass it through whatever you want, it does not effect me or anyone else besides you so man chill out and don't be dwelling on it!
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    Can you drag up threads from 2 years ago more????!!!

    Well done.
  16. Dutch Pimp

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    ...mine isn' fact you can barely dissolve it in....70% Isopropyl Alcohol....:rastabanna:
  17. no, its not really. thats why its so hard to pass a drug test.
  18. skunk123454321

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    the original poster of this thread mentioned that you could make it more water-soluble with things that would be bad for your lungs, but if one did succesfully make it fairly water solublel using these methods could you not make weed that can be snorted??

    my bad for bringing up this old thread but im very interested, a new way of using weed=heaven
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    huh?? :wtf:
  20. skunk123454321

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    sorry for reposting, but in addition to my question

    i was wondering howabouts i would make the thc molecule more soluble in water with the suggested chemicals?

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