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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Steelerdrew79, Mar 12, 2018.

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    So quick and to the point. #1 so when do you start counting how old your clones are from the day u make the cut is day one or the day you drop them in soil.? #2 once clones are all settled in and are growing well and have had a few feedings under their belts would it hurt to cut off the nasty lower fan leaves you know the dying yellow ones that are all missing half the leaves from when they were cliped the new upper fan leaves are nice green and full. Id rather the plants focus on getting bigger then sending energy to the dying ones. Am i being to much and just ignore em till i scrog and trim the lower 3rd.
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    Those uglies are a mobile nutrient source, not a sink.
    Best to leave them.

    As they do in flower, plants will raid the lower fans when they need more nitrogen, starch, sugars, etc than their roots can supply.
    Once the fans have produced the energy for early growth, they then become emergency storage.
    Accessing those stores is not pretty. Unless you understand their role.
    When the plant is done with them, it forms an abscission layer that seals the wound when it drops them to recover the minerals remaining.
    Ain't momma nature grand? :)

    Wee 'zard
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    To address your first question,, all of your cuttings are as old as the plant they get cut from.
    Still I have taken cuts from cuts down 7 generations with no obvious degradation.
    The last ones were, technically, a couple years old.
    Semantically, I don't call then clones until their roots hit dirt.
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    So when i cut a clone dip in rooting gel put in dome and wait for roots to grow im not counting those days. When i pull the rooted clone out of the dome and into a soil grow medium in a solo cup that is day 1 of young veg. Then after i transplant into final 5gal. Smart pot thats day 1 of veg. Under 18/6 cycle i just want to make sure im keeping my records right im new to the Clone process always grown from seed. This is my first clone grow and ill never do it again. I was worried about spider mites. Never had em got my first set of clones and looks like i have a few eggs under the leaves nothing running around just a few small white thing on the leaves
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    That sounds reasonable.
    I don't bother with veg. dates.
    Or domes.
    Our avg. R.H. stays on the high side So I just take cuts. drop them in a beer bottle of tap water, and change the water daily. Takes 7 - 14 days to pop roots.

    They grow as fast as they grow.
    I put them into flower when they are about half as tall as I desire.

    Always isolate incoming cuttings.
    I put them in a small box with a light and a no pest strip for 5 to 7 days just in case.

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    Any tips or ideas on geting rid of the 2 spot mites
  7. Steelerdrew79

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    Im sure it is a two spotted spider mite ill start step one of the attack with azamite then 1:10 mix of alcohol and water with a drop of soap then follow back up with a wipe down of alcohol and water. Lots of wind and a steady 75°F will this work let me know before i start after work today

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    In the veg room, I'd use a Shell no-pest-strip. It creates a vapor that kills just about anything.
    For incoming clones, box then with a strip for 2 or 3 hours, wait 2 days, then vape 'em again to kill the new hatch, then wait 2 days and back in the gas chamber for stragglers.
    That should clean them up.
    Alcohol spray is not very effective and will screw them up in flower.
    Some folks are allergic to the Az* gang of neem derived pesticides.
    And neem oil smells like vomit to me. :(
    So, in flower, I used to use SM-90. It contains coriander oil so it smells much mo' betta that neem derivatives.

    What I learned is, we have so many predator bugs here that I no longer bother trying to kill pests outdoors in the greenhouse.
    Because that also kills the predators and leaves your girls exposed to massive infestations.

    Because I no sling poison, by the time I see any signs of mite damage outdoors, I turn over the leaf to find empty husks.
    Nature keeps a balance.

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    I'm indoor in the second week of veg.
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    Weez's principle remains the same.

    Predators, predators, and more predators.

    I spray zero as well. Predators do the work for me. There's a handful out there for two spotted mites but my favorite is the Phytoseiulus persimilis.
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