Question: Stem turning brown(ish) color.

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by bigc79, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. bigc79

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    Hi i have a question... i'm 27 days into flowering, i'm getting lots of buds starting to appear with nice big green flat leaves.

    what i have started to see is the stems of are starting to turn slightly brownish rather than the light green they have been up until now.

    is that normal? (first time grower here).

    I have pics of the what the plants look like as a whole here on this other thread ""

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    bigc79 :hippy:
  2. stinkyattic

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    There are a couple types of brown- the dry, flaky, light-colored brown which is just bark (yup, cannabis grows bark when it is old enough!) and a darker, wetter-looking, more sinister brown tht comes from fungus.
    If it's flaky, don't fret.
  3. bigc79

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    i'll take a pic of the stem later on today when my light cycle starts but i don't think it is fungus... or at least i hope not.

    Thanks for the quick reply stinky :thumbsup:

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