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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by dkok11, Aug 9, 2011.

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    i just had a question about fat cells that contain THC.

    If i worked out everyday(jogging+some lifting) and load my self up with junk food like mcdonalds, burgerking, etc, etc, would i lose the THC containing fat cells and gain new clean fat cells? or would the new fat cells also contain THC?

    One more, Im 19yrs old 5.8 and weigh 120~130, ive been clean for 2weeks, does any1 know if i will pass U/A? (ive been joging for a week but i hurt my ankle and now ive just been lifting)

    Thx in advance :)
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    btw, before i quit, i smoked a g a day very chronic user lol
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    Nope. Not how it works. Fat burning exercise releases the THCA stored in your "fat cells" back into the blood stream where excreted via stool and urine (very little comes out via the pores as sweat). This does not mean you have new, THCA free fat cells. THCA is still in them. It's when and when not to try to release it that is of importance. In the weeks leading up to a test, fat burning exercise and a low fat diet can and will expedite THCA unloading rates. However, in the few days prior to a test, you want to be eating fatty food and doing as little metabolic activity as possible in order to send the body it to fat hoarding mode where you are, A, providing your body with more fat and B, trying to hasten the release of the THCA into your blood stream where it is checked for in your urine ultimately on test day.

    If one feels/knows they will not pass a urine screen naturally, you have two options. One is dilute the appreciable quantity of THCA in your urine by water loading a few hours before your urine screen. This will cause most users to come up negative for the THCA screen BUT will raise red flags if the specific gravity and/or the creatinine levels are checked rendering a negative/dilute result. This can be easily thwarted by loading up on creatine for a day or two before the test and swapping out water for Gatorade.

    The other is to substitute clearn or synthetic urine and use that instead of your own dirty pee.

    Good luck, there are sticky threads atop this sub-forum that spell it all out. Happing reading.
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    thx for ur answer just came back from U/A i didnt have time to stop fat burning exercise cuz i work at a farm but i did load my self with 5 17oz water and ate 8 vitamin B complex pills 1~2hours prior to testing... i hope i passed :( if not.. well i got next time :)
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    Who is making you take a drug test?
  6. dkok11

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    Drug Abuse Class thing,,, so atleast if i have more than 2~3 clean results right before the court ill be fine or that what my counsler said
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    Ill have the result from last week in 4hours...... while i wait im cleaning my bongs, pipes out lol and will post my results soon as i get back :)
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    got my results.... Negative haha nice..... and it was under 20mg or ng or somthing and still passed xD im going to test my self with first urine tomorrow just to see if im really clean
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    Update... My dumbass took 3hits from a blunt after being lil drunk on wedsday and i just took a home drug test and passed!!! faint line but its my first urine of the day so i think ill be good for tomorrow's U/A
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    be careful... if you dilute your pee too much the labs can detect.

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