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    :pimp: Sup my fellow smokers, chokers, and tokers...
    Yes its me again, the one and only. I have a few more questions for all you pros out there. 1:When can I expect to see the first signs of buds in mo. and how do I know when their ready to be plucked? I dont wanna get ahead of myself and start pickin when theirs a possability of more growth. 2:After I've harvested my buds will the plant stay alive through the next year, or is it better to just yank the roots and boil them for higher THC content and start over with new seeds? Last but not least...3: I just bought a rasberry plant cause I heard that bees wil cross polinate the 2 plants and give me some really awsome this true or just myth? Thanx to all for the much needed help youve all provided and keep it green.

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    Hi Hash,
    I'm a newbie as well so everything that I am writing below is based on what I've read over the past couple of months. I figured I would reply with what I've learned since no one else has so far.

    1.First signs of sex: I assume you are growing indoors and recently switched to a light schedule of 12/12. If this is the case you should be able to determine the sex of the plants within 1-2 weeks. I'm currently 1 week into flowering and have been able to determine the sex of 2 of my 4 plants.

    You normally want to harvest 6-10 weeks after switching to 12/12. From my understanding you want to harvest when 50% of the trichomes are amber colored. I've never gotten this far in a grow so this is based solely on what I've read.

    2. Post-Harvest plant: I think the plants can stay alive after the harvest and can be switched back to vegetation. I think the buds that you get after from this plant on the second harvest will be lower in THC. Have you considered cloning your plant?

    3. Rasberry weed: I know nothing about pollinating marijuana with rasberry. My guess is that either the plants can't cross-pollinate or if they can the buds will be lower in THC since only 1/2 of the genes are from a marijuana plant. This is based on no actual knowledge so please don't take it as accurate.
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    The first buds will appear at arounf 3 weeks of flowering when the pistilles are plentyful. You dont wanna be picking the buds untill the plant is mature in its flowering stage otherwise the THC wont be at its maximum.

    You can re-veg a plant after harvest, but its probably easier to take clones before flowering because then you know they are deffinatly female.

    Who told you boiling roots will give a higher THC content? That's the funnest thing i heard for while, but forget it. It's bullshit, the THC wont differ at all from it.

    And no, cannabis can only be bred with cannabis..
  4. ToKnoIsToGro

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    really? absolutely impossible? I wonder how they make that dank ass weed that smells and tastes like blueberry/cotton candy.
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    If your in Cali. Or at that longitude.
    Then around begining of August you will se clusters of white hairs growing together at the tis of each branch.
    You can not cross pollinate those plants that way.

    It takes more to graph plants together and stuff.
    The pollination happens with males and females to produce MJ seed.
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    Alright, when we talk about cross-polination, I'm assuming you mean you're using the bees that would come for the rasberry plant to pollinate your male and female cannabis plants, in which case you wouldn't need the bees, the pollen will go from your male to your female without much problem, and, if need be, you can do it by hand.

    Raspberry plants and Cannabis plants cannot be crossbred (to the best of my knowledge) because they are two very different plants. They don't share genuses, which is usually as far back you can go when trying to cross-breed or create graft-chimeras. I think if you were to graft a raspberry plant onto a cannabis plant, which would probably be a difficult process trying to get a vascular connection, you'd probably end up with... well, a cannabis plant that tastes like cannabis with a raspberry stem that produces berries that taste like raspberry.

    And now you graph... wow, that doesn't sound nearly as good.
  7. ToKnoIsToGro

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    i read somewhere that they just come accross weed with diff. characteristics and just breed them until they get the smell and taste right. Anyone ever grown blueberry / other berry buds?
  8. Jdog7000

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    I think that last post explains it rather srudly.
    But never the less.
    It's correct.
    A Landrace is what you call a natural strain that hasn't been changed.
    They only breed to stabelize it.By choosing the least hermie plants to breed with.
    Plus inbreeding makes a strain more stable. But after time can take away it's vigor and genetic diversity.
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    The flavors and smells of a plant come from unique aromatic compounds. The production of an aromatic that a plant normally wouldn't produce, like a basil plant with the licorice flavor (very common) or lemon thyme, or pineapple sage; those are all genetic mutations. In the case of a desirable trait, like your cannabis with the blueberry scent, that mutation is selected for and bred to itself or another plant that has the same mutation, and strengthened genetically, so eventually it will breed 'true' and the trait will be passed on to offspring.
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    Boiling roots is an old wives-tale. It is the hangiing upside-down that lets the leaves cover and protect the magic dust on the flowers. Boil what you don't smoke and have butter to EAT. I let my plants try to reflower again and some died. Take what you can get. Try to let them live and be re-used quicker. I need to learn to clone and water-cure. I water-filter now, but need to filter the smoke of water-cured CANVAS. Canvas for Victory

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