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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by SantaClawz, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. SantaClawz

    SantaClawz Registered+

    Whats a good method to do a quick dry of a fresh bud right off the plant? I wanna get high.
  2. zebulon

    zebulon Registered+

    I use a hair dryer to quick dry weed...
    I cut up the bud into little pieces, put it in a textile sac and dry it whit a hair dryer....done in 10 minutes...
  3. SantaClawz

    SantaClawz Registered+

    textile sack? How about...a sock?
  4. zebulon

    zebulon Registered+

    Yeah, a sock will work too, i think....but make sure it's a clean sock...:D
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  5. Orzy

    Orzy Registered+

    I wouldn't put sticky bud in a lint filled sock.

    Quick drying pretty much always sucks. It's best to just wait it out.
  6. SantaClawz

    SantaClawz Registered+

    This I know, I used a paper towel instead. I promise just a tiny bud, I will wait for the rest! :stoned:
  7. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    - Microwave on high, with a glass of water in the middle.

    - Cook 4 minutes, turning each minute.

    - Change water as needed, don't let it boil.

    - Prepare to smoke da harshness.

    PS. Use some judgment. Ovens vary. Just cook until dry. If you open the door right away you can see moisture in the form of steam on a plate or glass under the buds. When that stops happening, they're about done.
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  8. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    No such thing as quick dry .
    It just phucks it up . You can vape raw nugz right off the plant w/ a good vapo though . :thumbsup:
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  9. Fencewalker

    Fencewalker Registered+

    Preheat oven to 150 degrees f. Turn off oven and put buds on plate (paper plate works fine) inside oven with door ajar. Check every ten minutes (up to an hour depending on size) until buds are suitably dry.

    Will affect taste and harshness. Doesn't affect potency to any great degree from my experience, though. Just keep the temp at or below 150 or so.
  10. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

  11. gainesvillegreen

    gainesvillegreen Registered+

  12. M.B.A.

    M.B.A. Registered+

    IF YOU WANT CRAPPY WEED, Leave it under or near you bloom lamp to dry. Better than Microwave, better than sock,etc.!!!! I know the feeling
  13. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    I'm quite satisfied with mine, but the only other one I've tried is a $50 soldering iron-type thing. Air must be passed over a heating element or it doesn't work right.
  14. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    Hey Opie ,
    Looks like the same thing I have but digital .
    Storm Crow does it too. Only complaint I have is the condensation build up inside the hose/whip .
    Peace bro.
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  15. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    xcrispi, about the condensation, I assume you're only talking about when you vaporize weed with moisture. Right? I've only used dry stuff so far, and I've never noticed it.
  16. 12345-54321

    12345-54321 Registered+

    I use my xbox as a short-term / small nug dryer. I can pop some fresh nugs in back on a screen and in about 5 hours the budz are nice and dry, and not too harsh to smoke, give it a shot, you'll be surprised.....:cool:

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