Quick & Easy Guide: How to turn your Kief into Hash

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    Here is a quick and easy guide for turning your kief into hash. The process is quite simple, it is safe, and does not take very much time. You can get this completed in just 5 steps and using about that many items.


    What Supplies you will need:
    • kief
    • clothes iron
    • wax paper / parchment paper
    • paper towel
    optional items:
    • tape (to help hold the wax or parchment paper in place)
    • scale (to compare starting weight of the kief and final weight of the hash)
    • razor blade
    Total time: ~ 45 - 90 minutes (depends on how long the hash is allowed to cool during step 5)

    So, lets get started turning your kief into Hash

    Step 1:
    • Carefully pour your kief onto the center of a sheet of wax / parchment paper. You do not need a large amount of paper. You want to ensure that there is enough paper to fold around the pile of kief.
    For our example approximately a 12" square sheet of wax paper was more than enough for our 1 gram of kief.

    Note: kief can be stubborn coming out of the contain it is being stored in. To get the last bits out of our grinder and help position the kief on the paper we used a razor. This is completely optional, and be careful if you choose to use them. They can cut the paper, the surface you are working on and even you if you are not careful.

    Step 2:
    • Once you have the kief centered on the paper. You need to fold the paper around the kief. It is best to create a square or rectangular pocket within the paper. And then fold the excess paper around that pocket.
    • This can be a little tricky.
    • Just be careful as to not spill your kief as you are working to create the folds and the pocket out of the paper. Once you get past the first couple folds the kief will be locked in place.

    Step 3: Heat, Press (flip), & Repeat
    • After you have folded the paper, one or two pieces of tape are helpful at holding the paper in place.
    • Next we wrap the wax / parchment paper in a damp paper towel. This is very important as it will help prevent you from damaging your clothes iron.
    • Take the hot iron and firmly and evenly press down. We like to start by doing this for a couple of seconds, then remove the iron and flip the kief so you can press the other side.
    • We like to do this for at least 5 minutes of each side. It is likely not necessary to heat and press for more than 10 minutes on each side.
    • Oh and don't forget to turn off the iron once you are done!!!
    Note 1: You are working with a very hot iron. Make sure you are working on a surface that is safe for this type of heat and that you have cleared the area. Always be careful working with a heat source, so as not to accidentally burn yourself or things in the area.

    Note 2: While you are pressing the kief, monitor the wetness of the paper towel. If it appears to be drying out, stop heating it and make it damp on both sides again.

    Step 4: Chill Out
    • Again friendly reminder. Don't forget to turn off the clothes iron.
    • Now onto the easiest step: put your freshly heated and pressed kief bundle into the freezer.
    • Possibly a slighly less easy step: wait 30-60 minutes.... (perhaps smoke a little to pass the time)
    • Cooling the hash will harden it and make it a little easier to handle when you unwrap your kief bundle.

    Step 5: Unwrap and enjoy (and storing tips if applicable)
    • Once the kief bundle has properly cooled. Carefully unwrap and remove all the layers (i.e. paper towel, the tape, and inner paper).
    • Once you get to the hash, it should be hard enough now where it will come off the paper will very little effort.
    • At this point you are done. The hash is ready to be enjoyed.
    Note: For storage, we recommend putting your hash in an airtight container and keeping it out of direct sunlight. It can store for a good long time for those who are able to ration out usage.

    Thanks for reading, please leave a comment or check us out at:
    YouTube <--- please subscribe to our channel!!!

    Happy Growing!!!
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    Parchment paper would be the way to go, wax paper will melt wax into the hash. Flavour is important too. ;)
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    Almost immediately after making this stuff. I learned that parchment paper would tolerate the heat. I agree with you completely here on using it over wax paper.

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