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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by saline, Jun 25, 2011.

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    I had to take a drug test 06.23.11 (urinalysis) for a job. I don't typically smoke and I smoked every day from 06/10/2001-06/13/2011. I bought quick fix because it had a smaller container than dr. greens agent x and i needed to stash it on my body.

    When I got back from the test (I purchased the product an hour before) I started googling for 'Quick Fix 5.7-1 review 2011' to get some reviews. I found that I was getting a lot for 2008-2010 but not really any for 2011. I decided to post a review and then an update once I get the results back so that future users googling for a 2011 result can find this. I am also going to post this on other forums.

    My batch is F4A-11. I called the number at the upper right hand of the green paper that is included in the package (1-877-876-4938) and asked if the batch was counterfeit or recent. I was told that the batch I had was the most recent batch and had been made in April. (score!)

    I had scheduled my test at LabCorp and that gave me control of my time. My employer registered me and so I had a registration number, but I scheduled an appointment (which left me as self-pay but when I showed up with my employers registration number my employer was now the responsible party. I simply registered to mandate when I had to be there so I was in control of how long I had to keep the fake piss warm). I scheduled the appointmen for 230 but was running late and got there at 240. I was seen immediately. Here is what I did prior to leaving my house.

    1. Heated the bottle for 10 seconds. I found it was not warm enough and I heated it for 3 more seconds. The temperature strip read 100 degrees.
    2. Tucked it under my left breast. Some of the bottom left hand corner of the bottle was exposed and so I put on a second shirt.
    3. Drove to the facility.
    4. Locked up my purse and entered the LabCorp bathroom alone.
    5. Peed in the toilet while simultaneously pouring the synthetic urine into the sample container.
    6. Wiped and threw the paper in the toilet
    7. Sealed the container, exited the bathroom, handed the sample to the attendant or phlebotomist or whatever that person is.

    **At the time I passed off the sample the temp strip on the cup read 97 degreesish.

    If the results are back tomorrow then I start Monday. if they are back Monday then I start Tuesday. Upon receiving the results I will post an update.

    The reason I have been so thorough in naming my steps is because on the other posts I'm seeing, if QuickFix doesn't work then it is assumed that the user did not properly use the product. If this works I want to make a review showing that it does work if used properly. If it does not work I want a review showing that in my particular circumstances it did not work when used properly.

    This is being made primarily for people googling around for a 2011 product review.
    I will update when I have the results.

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    Sounds like you did everything right. Will pass no problem.
  3. iwannapeeclean

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    Will this still work in 2012

    I have a valid batch I got today. From what I have read, This will work. I am more worried about pulling off the deed in the pee room for some reason. I got QF 5.7-1 (I think that is what the box said. Mine is the plus version. I am thinking I will tape it inside my underwear upright then when I pull them down to pee I can simply tilt the bottle and pour it in. Am I right about this? Labcorp will not be watching me or anything right? This is my first time.. Hopefully I pop my SUB cherry the right way. Any advice from a pro would be awesome.
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    For employment-related U/A's, you wont be observed unless you had been suspected of tampering.

    For hiding tips, read up on N2s Substitution "sticky" thread, disregarding the "digital thermometer" step - the QF temp strip works good enough.
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    Aw Toast.. I love you man. Thank you for the fast response. I am going tomorrow 007 style. I am nervous as can be about this. How can i find the thread your talking about? Also, (I am a noob) will they be able to tell this is not my personal brew? Have you used this recently? Also I have paperwork from my soon to be employer but I do not have an appointment. Do I need one or can I just roll in first thing in the morning? Labcorp--
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    i had a labcorp employment test yesterday and had not used in around 14-15 days. Realized that hope was not an option so I bought some Quickfix 5.7 canadian version just to play it safe due to what I've heard about the uric acid testing in certain states. Before the test I decided to just use the qf bottle in order to sub which it was perfect for. Ended up subing but think I may have screwed up because the bottle was not totally dry after me using my own urine for some test runs then rinsing it with water. I poured the water out and left the bottle open for around an hour before getting my sub and getting to business. I will update as soon as I find out. I prey that this works out. My family really needs me to get this job. Some events happened that forced me to apply for a new job on 2 weeks notice and had I know earlier I would have stayed clean but life gets in way.
    I'm curious what you guys think about a drop or two of water added to none diluted urine will do. It was a light yellow color and was totally clean. I hope it does not come back as diluted.
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    I have yet to see one person post a scanned report or ever report verbally that their uric acid level was checked during a pre-employment or random urine screen in the US. Not Oregon, not Hawaii. Just FUD.
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    I have yet to see one person post a scanned report or ever report verbally that their uric acid level was checked during a pre-employment or random urine screen in the US. Not Oregon, not Hawaii. Just FUD.

    I found the info on a forum that was linked to the qf distributor that i went through. I just wanted to play if safe and spectrum labs had no problem sending which also lead me to believe that maybe it was a good idea to get it...
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    So its seems more people are passing with QF at Labcorp... Any other stories for comfort.

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