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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Mandy_420, May 13, 2016.

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    Exactly one week ago from today, I had to take a pre-employment urine test @ a local urgent care facility. My sample was sent to a lab halfway across the country. I used Quick Fix 6.1 that I bought from a local head shop. Days before I had the screening, I was researching nonstop if Quick Fix synthetic urine would pass a LAB test. I knew from experience, that Quick Fix passes a normal day-to-day dipstick test; every time. I didn't however know if it would pass in a lab. I've heard all different things about lab tests. And it is true that labs can and will test for synthetic anything. So I was definitely nervous, this being a great company I was applying for and all. I just got my results back today (5/13/16) and it PASSED and I got the job. Just wanted y'all to know, as long as your synthetic has pre-mixed urea, balanced PH, creatine, and is the right temperature (94-100) when taken, it WILL pass a lab test. You're welcome.
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    Thanks Mandy_420, your post give me some peace of mind, been a while since I've used QF and seen stories all over (mostly success) and a few hair raising ones where the test was canceled or invalid, thanks again for posting your results and I'll post mine when too. Random, so I should hear nothing back...
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    Passed using QF 6.1, passed the lab test and the drug test, it's still working and so am I
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    Where was your lab? I just used quick fix 6.1 my lab is in Overland Park, KS. Curious if it passes there..
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    In Santa Fe, NM Labcorp
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    I too used quickfix. I am a female, and had a physical and drug test at Concentra and they send it out to the lab.
    I tested in MI, for a job in TX.
    My MO:
    Heated the synthetic for 15 seconds, I know it says 10, but it takes 25 to 30 to drive to Concentra. I put 2 hand warmers around the bottle. I wore baggy loose clothing. I transported in the seat next to me, and just before i arrived i stopped to put the synthetic in between the 2 layers of undies I was wearing.
    They make you empty pockets remove jacket and wash your hands before the DT. Once your in the bathroom it's completely private, so i filled my cup with synthetic, and was on my way. However lol i didn't really pee, so I never "wiped" and put TP in the bowl. Man I freaked on that all week. Lol i scrutinized the document she gave me and there is a place for "collectors notes", since there were no notes, there was no way the lab would even know..
    I had just a couple of minutes to change into the physical shorts, and was able to hide the bottle in my clothes during the physical.
    I PASSED EVERYTHING! I'm moving to TX for an awesome job, and I didn't have to give up my hoot at all!!
    Quickfix 6.1 works folks!
    From unemployed to 70k plus! Thank you quick fix!
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    welcome to the sub club
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    Just passed my drug test using QF 6.1. It was delivered just the day before I took the test, so it was fresh. I used a Whizzinator, which was completely unnecessary as they didn’t make me lift my shirt or pantlegs, as they did 10 years ago at my last drug test. All you really need to do is heat the bottle (mine came with the thermometer already stuck on) for 10 seconds in the microwave, wrap it in the heating pad, and then crotch it. You will have plenty of time to pull out the bottle and pour it into the cup. Two ounces is just enough, so don’t spill or lose any.

    Labcorp in NE Portland, OR, December 2016.

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