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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by bpcorso, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. bpcorso

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    I did quite a bit of research and using synthetic urine (I got Quick Fix 4.0) seems to be the way to go for heavy users. I have a pre-employment drug screening test, 35105N SAP 5-50 W/NIT with Quest Diagnostics. Looking at the form leads me to beleive it will be sent to a lab and will not be a dip stick. I just wanted to make absolutely sure the Quick fix will work a lab test as it is more in depth than a dip stick. I know a lot of people say they don't want to spend the money, but this firm is legit and doesn't have too many employees to test (they don't do randoms) so I don't think cost is an issue for them. Thanks
  2. bpcorso

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    Also, I plan on using a microwave for initial heat than crotching it w/ some tighty whiteys (I'm scared the warmer it comes with will overheat it)... As long as I'm not sick, will this gurantee that it will come out at body temp? I plan on doing test runs, but I just wanted to see other's experiecnes with this or see if this method has ever failed.
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    Another thing I forgot, will they ever require to specimens for the same test? The form comes w/ two sealers, labeled A and B. In the firm they refer to things like "collector affixes bottle seal(s) to bottle(s)" so I don't know what the deal is. HAs anyone ever had to give two samles in one sitting? A friend of mine said he had a form that had two seals but only had to give one. I know I got a lot of quesitons, but I've never tested before and I can't fuck this up.
  4. tek(bdm)

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    just get your friends piss you'll save alot of money...
  5. GrowRebel

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    Don't worry it will be fine ....

    QF should get you through no problem ..... I've never used it before ..... I used minuteman ..... but now it is no longer available so now I must use QF ..... synthetic urine is fool proof .... you need only give it to them with the correct temp (between 90-100) and you are home free .... if you read the sticky posted on drug testing you will see they do indeed use the little strip at first .... I've use synthetic urine to use on a drug test for a security clearance and had no problems .... I doubt you will have problems especially if you plan to practice. Read the post on this board it will calm your fears.

    Rest assured ..... you have already pass that test. :hippy:

    Hope you enjoy your new job.:thumbsup:

  6. Burnt Toast

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    The test code you listed means you'll be taking a 5 panel screen with a 50 ng cutoff limit for THC (SAP 5-50) An adulterant check (NIT) will also be performed on the sample. The checks include:

    a) excessive Nitrites
    b) low Creatinine levels
    c) abnormal specific gravity readings
    d) abnormal pH readings

    The Quick Fix contains no Nitrites so you'll be fine there. As long as your QF batch is current and been stored properly (no direct sunlight), it will pass the other integrity checks listed.

    For peace of mind, you can always home test your QF batch (using the Urinecheck 7 adulterant test stick) to ensure that it will be ready for the lab test.
    These test sticks can be found by doing a Google search.
  7. bpcorso

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    Thanks GR and BT, I appreciate your input! I've been doing practice runs w/ crotching it, and also microwaving than crotching it and everything seems good. I'm using an ace bandage to secure it in b/t my groin area and scrotum under my tighty whiteys (just to make sure and so the bottle is close aspossible to my skin). It definitely is making me a lot less nervous.
  8. Rollafatblunt420

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    piss in a condom and stick that shit in your tighty whiteys, my friend does that shit and it works out good
  9. DallasPunk

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    When are you taking your test? I'm interested in knowing how things go for you.
  10. i.m.high

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    i'd like to know as well, thanks
  11. benagain

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    I passed at Quest with quick fix. I think you're smart not using the hand warmer. I did and they had to call my employer to see if I should take another test. My sample read at 100 degrees. Keep it body temp and you WILL pass with flying colors.
    the only thing that could screw you is if it's too hot.
  12. i.m.high

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    Let's say I get it to the right temp in the microwave and put it in my tighty whities, how long will it cool down if I have one side tight to my skin?

    I'd like to know the rate of cooldown.
  13. benagain

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    I'm pretty sure it all depends on the ability of the container to resist conductivity. Also may depend on the weather, climate and so on. Generally the underside of your nuts is pretty warm, but I was too much of a chicken to trust body temp.
  14. i.m.high

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    I'm talkin about quick fix.
  15. benagain

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    I know, but again, the containter will make a diff. For insance, if you leave it in original container (plastic bottle), it's gonna adjust to your body temp a lot slower than say a condom (material and surface areas are figures you have to consider). I guess I'm trying to say that there's no real way of predicting how long it will take to cool down. Nuking the sample should only be done if it's really cold or something. I think you'd be better off slowly getting it to the right temp and maintaining the right temp.

    Try testing some methods out yourself like pocketwarmers vs underside of your nuts. Check the temp with an actual thermometer to be precise as thats' what they're gonna do in the lab.
  16. i.m.high

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    Thanks for the advice benagain.
  17. bpcorso

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    I'm taking the test tomorrow (feb 22)... BTW how can the lab test the temp? Wouldn't the sample have cooled down after all that time, real or fake piss? I thought that's why they had the strip on the collection cup.
  18. i.m.high

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    Thanks for the advice benagain. This piss testing is very un-American, I feel very violated!

    I figured I'd warm it up in the microwave to 100 and then put it under my nuts and head off. I'll definitely practice first.
  19. i.m.high

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    When ur done peeing u hand it off right away, and it's immediately checked.
  20. i.m.high

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    I have another question -- assuming the temperature is right, has anyone had positives or problems using synthetic urine?

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