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    Hello stressed out people looking for information. As a heads up this will be my story of using quick fix with the lab quest diagnostics. Please read this is you want some advice and comfort in an upcoming urine test.

    To start off I have been smoking for a long time and I have beaten drug tests before . I once had to go to a two class Monday an Tuesday drug like aa if you will and was tested either day once a week. Each week if smoke after Tuesdays class and Wednesday and then I will drink cranberry and water over the weekend and dilute my test for the class. I passed every week, it was clearly just dip sticks. This was my perception of how easy it would be to beat a test nowadays. It changed pretty quickly after some research.

    Now onto recent events, about two months ago I got a job in a far off state and wanted to move there so my dream had come true. The bad news was that it was sudden and I smoked weed and plenty of it up till two days before my offer. Now this presented complications first off I had to put in two weeks at a Cush job in order to go to the new one and also I would have to move. This are huge life changing events to gamble on a drug test. So my immediate focus went to passing the test.

    I started with everything I knew previously the cranberry juice and water routine and I started my research. I bought tons of home tests and started testing myself daily. I knew I had at most 14 days of being clean before the test so I thought I had time. After a week I could pass a home test but it was super diluted I mean real obvious just visually. I also knew with a lab like quest this wouldn't fly like I had done in the past.

    After a week I decided I would try some drinks to see if that would help so I tried omni extra strength and tested myself after and I passed but it was argueably and diluted. Two days later I tried a bigger bottle of omni in hope that finished the job but I actually failed that test. At this point I was like 4 days from the test and deciding I need a masker. I tried ultimate gold and followed te instructions to a T and I passed but it was diluted almost clear and the same as a diluted test I took 5 days earlier, this was unacceptable to me, this drug test was way to important to attempt this.

    At this point I was a day away and at work and decided look I'll take a control test, normal late day piss when I get home, see how it is, and make drastic changes after it. I got home I pissed and I failed horribly. The drinks didn't work, the water didn't work, dilution is too hard to get perfect. So I thought to myself look if I take the test diluted I fail, if I don't dilute I fail. So no matter what if I pee I fail. This is when I decided I would rather risk substitution then fail the other ways. This is when I started researching quick fix and I remembered that the local head shop had a bottle or two so I immediately went and bought quick fix plus.

    I got home did more research and prepared some things.

    Skin tight spandex boxers, a house hold temp thing you'd use for a cold, the quik fix, and a confidence boost.

    I practiced walking with it beneath my balls and butthole, crazy but needed. I didn't really practice temp but I wasn't super worried . I was worried id be watched so I didn't more research but nothing comforted me. The next day I had to go test and I left work a few hours before and got ready. I prepared the heat pad an hour and a half before leaving for the test, I heated the quick fix about 20 minutes before leaving ( place is 15 mins away). I practiced a few times and made search my own piss was diluted. I checked if my body and heat pack kept the temp level right and once I was comfy I left for the test. I was super nervous and confident all at once.

    I drove I the place and stopped near by to check the temp. It was hot as shit outside so of course It read 100 on the temp strip and I calibrated it to te temp strip read 2 degrees under the real temp. I was a little worried at that point but really I was like ok just don't worry about keeping it hot just let it loose and don't worry. So I decided ok lets do this thing.

    I walk in sign in and I knew this was gonna be fast there was nobody waiting and it was a small place. 2 minutes later a guy come and gets me brings me to the back and tells me take out your stuff and put it in the lock box and take the key. Doesn't pat me down. Tells me fill up the cup and go into that bathroom and fill to the line. I go into the bathroom turn on the light which also starts a fan which in my head holds a mini celebration. I lock the door and go to the toilet, blue water, mini celebration. I unzip pull out the bottle and f course the temp strip like messed up and it was like at around 100 I was like alright fuck it lets not wait get it in the cup and it'll cool so that's what I do. After that I out it on the toilet top and take a nice piss. Tbh I was so nervous I could barely pee I almost shat myself trying to. Once I was done I took my time zipping up and went to give the guy the bottle. I forgot to check the cup for a temp strip but I don't remember seeing one. The guy goes out the cup on the table and he immediately takes it and puts it in two bikes and bags it and tags it. I sign some stuff and chat him up about the move. I don't believe he even checked temperature I was so fast and I was like adrenaline rush so I don't remember. Eiter way I was confident that the temp was good. I left the building and screamed at the top of my lungs on the way home. I was happy that went well, I was confident in the piss so I was worried about the testing facility.

    I spent the next two days waiting cuz I knew if it was past two days I was fucked. The guy sai 48 hours and I know if rits more than that it's a fail. So after two days on the third day I call the company and ask like stuff like in tune with the job but nothing to do with the test. The guy says like oh yea blah blah your good this is your manager etx. I even asked specifically about background Checks and the drug screen and if there was anything else. I was told it's all good.

    I celebrated that night and moved shortly after. This was a complete roller coaster ride and I'm glad that I went with quick fix. I'd be in a world of trouble if I didn't. I would have quit my current job lost the new one and been out of work, not to mention my gf would be crazy mad. I'd have to lie all the way to Sunday to get out of it.

    My closing statement is I needed to pass, it was not an option to fail. I had to make a hard choice and gattaca that shit . My suggestion to you is that if your I my shoes and failure is not an option and you do t have the ability to get your on piss clean or someone else's clean piss do the following .

    Get quick fix plus straight from the company.
    Call then and check the batch number.
    Wear one pair of spandex boxers skin tight.
    Calibrate the temp strip.
    Practice being quiet being quick walking with it down there so u don't look dumb
    Make sure you need to pee at the time of the test and dilute yourself just in case
    Relax be calm and be professional.
    Wear business casual to the test, baggy business casual. Don't look like a stoner.
    Wear regular boxers over the spandex ones.
    Practice stuff
    Prepare the heat pad an hour and a half before your strap it on.
    Try to heat up the pee before the test not like 3 hours before.

    Don't smoke until well after you hear the good news.

    I joined the forum to share my experience so take this as comfort and advice and good luck to you and your test.

    -higher now thanks
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    Thank you so much for sharing your story!! Our stories sound very similar, with the exception of me being a female. I am already getting faint lines on my at home tests (at day 32 and 34) and will have had 46 days smoke-free by the time I take the test but I just can't risk Quest's lab tech's interpretation. I quit my job and starting the new one on June 2. This is a six figure opportunity and I can't fail. My best friend's mom works at Quest and I showed her my test, with an obvious faint, pink line and she said, "yes, I see the line, but I'd still call it positive and send for further review." Ugh, talk about bursting my bubble.

    After hearing your success story with Quick Fix at Quest, I ordered two boxes and feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am still going to refrain, but as soon as I get my passing results, you know what I'm going to be doing!

    I hope all is going well with your new endeavors and again, thank you for posting and sharing. I will follow up and post,when I pass. :)

    And for anyone wondering, I'm 45, 5'8" 185 and carry it well; wear a size 12, not fat, but not thin and in shape. I am pretty active though. I smoked only a bowl in the evenings after work and all day weekends. I only smoked sativas and I've been trying to find info on sativas vs indicas on a drug test. And these were my smoking habits for at least 10 years. The fact that I've passed at home tests, with first voids after 32 days tickles me pink. I've seen the nightmare stories of taking 3+ months.

    To say this process and never ending research has been stressful is an understatement. I took the whole month of May off to unwind and enjoy and I've spent most of the time researching how to pass a stupid DT!! :)

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