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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by jimmyskidney, May 3, 2012.

  1. jimmyskidney

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    Hey Guys,

    So I have a pre-employment drug test at Labcorp coming up soon. I am free to schedule it whenever I want since I am currently living in PA and the company is based in MA. But I would like to get it over with asap since I will probably fail regardless for the next couple weeks. So I purchased a box of Quick Fix 5.7-1 per all of the good reviews. However, the box looks relatively dated and there is no visible expiration date on the box. The only expiration date is that on the heating pad. Since the only issues seem to stem from the possibility that it's a bad batch, I am concerned that this specific box is old and expired.

    The expiration date on the heating pad is 01/2016. So my question is, is this characteristic of (relatively) fresh batches or is there no way of telling.

  2. Burnt Toast

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    Did you look at your batch number on the enclosed instructions sheet? What batch number do you have?
  3. jimmyskidney

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    Yeah, I have batch P2M-12.
  4. Burnt Toast

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    That batch is made Feb of 2012, making it 3 months old. According to Spectrum Labs (the manufacturer of QF) the shelf life is 18-24 months.
  5. jimmyskidney

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    Awesome! Scheduled my test for 2 o'clock tomorrow, see you on the other side!

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