Quick Fix...is 2 oz. enough?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by lampost, Nov 15, 2007.

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    I've read all about Quick Fix and I'm a pretty firm believer that it'll work. I recently got a new job, bought some Quick Fix and ended up not having to use it. However, now I'm working on a government job and they give you a piss test onsite the first time you come to the jobsite. I REALLY don't want to let my employer down now...it'd make them look like shit and probably lose them their best job.

    Anyway, I know that the volume of piss required for a piss test is 2 oz and that the Quick Fix synthetic urine only comes with 2 oz. It shouldn't be any problems, however, I read a post (I think on here) where someone had to give them more urine because they said it was not enough!! I know this is probably an isolated incident, but I wanted to see if anyone else has run into this problem or heard of it happening to anyone. If they ask me for more I'd have to give it to them because I'm traveling out of town for this job and I can't get onsite if I don't pass. Oh yeah, don't know if it matters, but they'll be testing several people onsite that morning.

    Any help on this topic would very much appreciated! I've been thinking about buying a second bottle of Quick Fix, but that might be a bit much to fit in my undies. I'd probably have to put them both in one larger container and then I'd have to test the heating all over again on the new container, etc., and it seems like it'd be pain in the ass to combine two into one. Anyone else ever worried about this and figure something out?? There was another synthetic urine at the headshop that was 3 oz. I would've bought it, but I hadn't heard of it and I've heard great things about Quick Fix. I'm just hoping that 2 oz will do the trick!!!

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    2oz is all thats required by law but that don't mean a tech my not ask for more. You could use a little of your own dilluted piss if you're not too dirty. Just be sure to read the dillution sticky first.
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    Some techs tell You just fill it to the line and QF is enough for that. When I have a over zealous tech who just hands it to Me and says fill it up, I come out of the bathroom and before they can even say a word I say I'm sorry I could only go this much. I just don't go like I used too or I joke and say 10 years ago I would have filled 10 of those. (I'm in My 50s) There reply is always thats fine.
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    Thanks! That's kind of what I was thinking I'd do, but I didn't want to quit for the prior 2-1/2 days. Having 2 bottles of Quick Fix would be foolproof if you could get them in, but it doesn't seem possible. Considering where this job is at I'm sure there'll be a thorough pat-down involved. In fact, they search your car at the gate before you even enter the facility!!!

    If anyone has additional advice, please share. I don't think I'm the only one concerned about the volume of Quick Fix.
  5. lampost

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    Can you top off the bottle of quick fix with a couple of milliliters of water? It would just five it that little bit of extra water so it's not exactly at the line.

    Man, I need some reassurance from Fakeboobs on this one. It seems like one bottle of QF is OK, but I really want to be on the safe side and have more piss if they ask. I can't leave the facility and wait for it to get resolved...I need clearance onto the site.
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    if you're that worried buy 2 bottles of QuickFix......(I think your just paranoid)

  7. lampost

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    ^yep. i am paranoid. if i can fit 2 bottles into my undies without detection then I'll definitely do it. i gotta try it out here and put some baggie pants on. the thing that sucks though is that i go right into training and i could possibly have to crotch the bottle(s) after the test for quite awhile.
  8. ldg420

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    thats okay! just attach the heat packs to one side of the bottle and put the other side against your body, if you heat the urine up first it should stay at an acceptable temp. for nearly 5 hours....

  9. ldg420

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    and remember practice practice practice....

  10. happyendin21

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    used 2

    I took my test about 2 weeks ago. And i had no problems i used two bottles of quick fix rubberbanded together with the heater on the side away from my body. practice with these two bottles in your crotch. and wear an extra pair of underwear. play with the position of the bottles to find the best spot where it will go unnoticed to a pat down. you will find it. I am only 5' 6" and about 175. managed to get it done no problem. wasnt patted down but im sure if i was i would have passed no problem. But did it matter. She asked me to fill it up to a line that wasnt even 2 ounces. I still filled it up most of the way. Hope this helps good luck!
  11. FakeBoobsRule

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    Yes, 2 ounces is more than plenty. Collectors do have a habit of asking for more than 2 ounces for many reasons one is trying to scare you because they know what goes on they just are limited in what they can do to stop it. Another is that if they ask you for less people already "short" them so they ask a little more to make sure they get what they need. A split sample can be done with 1 & 1/2 ounces or 45 cc or mls because you need 15 cc for the immunoassay, 15 for GC/MS and then if you want to challenge a positive at another lab (good luck because for some strange reason these requests usually go unheard cough conspiracy cough) 15 more for a second GC/MS. The split sample is also sometimes called the B sample. They won't run immunoassay on the retest, it's pointless. Some collectors will fill both A & B vials with 30 ccs to make it easy. If asked for more, ignore them with confidence, give them the 60 ccs with a smile, and if they try to BS you play it cool like, "well try and see if that's enough looks like you got plenty" or something similar and of course they will. I had one ask for about 8 ounces and I laughed as I opened the bathroom door. On average you make 30 cc of urine an hour so that collector was expecting me to hold it for 8 hours??? Get real.

    If you get a clean donor go with 60 ccs also.
  12. killerweed420

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    Great post FBR. In over 20 UA's I've never been asked for more than 2 ounces. Like FBR says if they ask for more just smile and give them the 2 ounces.
  13. lampost

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    thanks for the help!

    thanks everyone, especially FBR for chiming in. you obviously know your stuff!!
    i thought that the minimum volume required for a sample was 60mL and you didn't get any extra. knowing that it's 45mL and you have 1/2 ounce more than you need is definitely very reassuring. also very reassuring that you haven't ever been asked for more, killerweed! thanks for the input!!!

    i don't think i'll be too paranoid with just one anymore. plus it's going to be a long line of contractors filing into a site. i don't think they're going to fuck around and play games requiring more piss than is necessary. this a "get 'er done" job and i'm sure they don't want to have to deal with positives any more than the employees who get them.

    anyone, i got my AWESOME undies with an inside pocket in them today!! they are REALLY sweet and helpful for not only this, but any time you have to go somewhere with a small bag on you (<1oz or so). i may see how 2 fits in there, but i think i have the confidence to get through with 1 now if it's too uncomfortable.

    thanks everyone for the help. this site is a lifesave!

  14. lampost

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    Yes, it was enough for me!!!

    Well, I just wanted to report back since I see so many people say they will and then they never do. I PASSED with Quick Fix 4.0!!! And I only needed the one bottle of it!! It is a great product and I'm going to have an extra on hand even though I don't think I'm subject to randoms.

    So, I show up in the morning and I'm nervous as hell of course about the temperature being just right. But, I practice a couple times and I was pretty confident. We had to wait around a bit for everyone to show up and then they finally called us. I was 2nd in line because the anticipation was killing me. One by one, we were called into the bathroom of the office. When I went in I was surprised to see it was a woman and she was sitting RIGHT OUTSIDE the stall that I had to pee in. I never had one where they were that close to me and I was a bit nervous about the noise. Anyway, I got in the stall, pulled out the QF and as quietly as possible dumped it in the cup. It made a little bit of a flowing noise as the last bit came out and I was a bit nervous....but nothing came of it. The temp was at 100 degrees, so I blew on it for about 30 seconds until it started to drop. I think it was RIGHT ON THE MONEY at 98-99 degrees. The underwear with a pocket I had were ideal....that shit was up at 98 within 1 - 1.5 hours. I came out and handed it to her, she asks, "Do you take vitamins?", and I said, "oh yeah". Then I said some bullshit about how I thought I'd piss more, she handed me the paperwork after a couple minutes, dumped the sample and I knew I was in the clear.

    I'll always use this stuff from now on!! Awesome. For my test, I wasn't frisked or asked to empty my pockets at all. I'm sure others will have to though so always be prepared.

    Thanks to everyone for their help.

  15. killerweed420

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    Good news. It sounded like they were pretty slack.
  16. jeffman

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    Congrats and well done....:thumbsup:
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    I posted another thread of my own about this, so I'm sorry FBR for not searching before posting (I know you hate that ;)).

    Anyway, so 2 ozs seems to be enough, but if someone were to spill a little like my dumbass did, should I be worried about not having enough? I'm talking about spilling what would be the equivalent of 2 mm if you were to measure it on the side of the bottle.

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