Quick Fix or Someone Elses Clean Urine?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by jenerin, Jan 5, 2006.

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    I have a chance to either use real clean urine or quick fix but I'm worried about temp. How can I make sure the clean urine is the right temp? What is the best way? How about in my bra? Has anyone tried this? Any and all suggestions appreciated.
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    Im also lookin for information on the best ways to keep pee between 91-97 degrees ><
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    Try This

    I would say just use the clean urine, if ya can heck yeah!
    Good Luck 2 U
    Let us know how ya make out ok?

    And about keeping it at the temp. I 'de say the bra, or that other warm place us gals have...
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    Thanks WhiskeyGal. I need all the good luck I can get. I will definitely let you know what happens. I'm nervous but I have a feeling that it will be okay. I've tested what my bra would do tonight and it got to 90 degrees in an hour of being in my bra. I think that'll work! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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    Keep it warm!

    I prefer just using the quick Fix Bottle.(Not A condom)Or a 2 oz trial size shampoo bottle well rinsed.I keep it warm by putting it under my testicles .
    You as a woman have other options the best being inside your private. Or just read the following.
    To keep it warm while going to the place turn on you car defroster and set the bottle on it.Don't over heat to much.It won't hurt it but it might be to warm.If it feels warm to your private area its warm enough.
    There should be a temp gauge right on the bottle.If not go to a pet store and get a strip like you see on fish tanks and stick it to the bottle.
    If you use QF 4.0 shake it up right before you go into the place taking the test.

    Invest a few bucks in a human digital thermometer Or a fish tank thermometor They are fast and accurate. I cannot over emphasize the importance of PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE!!! If you use condoms, be sure you use NON-lubricated condoms and rinse the condom to remove the powder from it. You can also use a well rinsed, 2 oz shampoo bottle (travel size). Now that you have your digital thermo and condoms/shampoo bottle, start practicing by filling your chosen container with 105 degree water. If using a condom, fold the loaded condom over the tip of the digital thermo to take its temp. If using a plastic bottle, place the tip of the thermometer directly into the water. Place the bottle/condom in your crotch. (Two pair of tighty whity’s holds it in place better and adds extra insulation to maintain the temp) In my experience, I find the water/pee container crotched inside your briefs, cools at a rate of about 1 degree every 2-3 minutes until it stabilizes at about 94-98 degrees. DO NOT plan on using toilet/bathroom water to cool it down. Most testing joints color their toilet water blue to foil using it, and if they hear you turn on the sink water or flush the john before you give them your sample, they may require you to re-submit or fail you. If your sample is to warm when you get it in the cup, simply swish it around in the cup while you blow on it. You can cool it at a rate of about 1 degree every 30 seconds, but don't over do it. PRACTICE! You can't re-warm it at that point. In the reverse, I find I can warm a substitute urine product from my pocket temp of 85-88 to 96-98 in about 20 minutes with body heat by crotching the container. The test cup temp strip is attached to the cup just like they are stuck to the side of a fish aquarium. The temp strip will read from 90-100 (some non-DOT require 94-100) so you can see your pee temp and cool it if necessary before you give it to the collector. One more tip. If you are using a condom, I don't tie the end of the condom. It is too risky in my humble opinion (IMHO) to try to puncture it to get your pee out. I take the condom with my 2+ ounces of pee in it and give it a spin, like you would a bread bag. Then double it over itself and use a wire tie (trash bag/bread bag type tie) with the ends rolled over them selves (to prevent puncture) and twist it tight to close the condom. To empty your condom, simply untwist the wire tie and let the condom untwist. Then place the open end of the condom in the cup and empty it. Check the temp on the side of the cup, and give it to the collector. Once again let me say PRACTICE. Practice carrying it in your crotch, practice emptying it into the cup, etc, just practice.

    Men: IMHO the best place/way to crotch and carry the 2oz shampoo bottle/condom is to place it between your scrotum and anus. If you have any question as to where this spot is, stand up with your feet shoulder width apart. Reach down with your hand and cup your testicles. Note where your bird and ring fingers are touching. That is where you want to carry the bottle. It this position I find you can carry on about your activities normally while maintaining a 94-95 degree sample temp. To raise the sample temp to 97-98, simply sit down and cross you legs so that the container is enclosed between your thighs. It about 10-15 minutes the sample will warm to body temp, 97-98.

    Women: You can of course carry a substitute sample the same as the men, but post by females write that it is also easy to carry the bottle inside your vaginal cavity, where it will maintain a 98 degree sample temp or you can use two 1oz bottles and place one under each breast, held in place with a well padded bra for added insulation in maintaining the temp.

    Please remember that these suggestions are just guidelines and may need to be slightly modified to suit your particular need and comfort. The key to successfully substituting is to PRACTICE.

    Ok so far I got 2 bottles of Quick Fix 4.0
    Tryed it on a home teat kit and it passed.
    But I still sent it to there lab for through testing.
    I also spent a little time by going to a Job temp center filled out an app.
    and they liked what they saw and sent me for a drug test at an Omega Lab.
    There I also used the Quick Fix 4.0

    At the Lab had no problem passing the QF off as urine.
    Just make sure its at temp when you give it.
    Now I have to wait a few days for the results but well worth the time and effort.

    The Omega Lab will do a 35109N SAP 5-50 W/NIT test.
    SAP = Substance Abuse Panel
    5 = Five types of drugs being tested
    50 = 50 ng/ml cutoff limit for THC
    W/NIT = with Nitrites check. The labs will be checking for excessive amounts of this component to determine adulteration

    I will post the out come of both test ASAP. (Test Date 1/3/06)
    By friday I should know and you will too.

    1/5/06 The Quick Fix 4.0 passed the test and I got the job I don't even want or need.

    So now I'm going to smoke a fatty!!!!
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    Blowen1977Z28- The test itself in your post would that be the same one used by most driving position companys like class a & b? Or does it just depend on the employeer or the local clinic thay use? Thanks in advance.

    Bigg Cellus
  7. Blowen1977Z28

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    The test I took was a pre employment test
    and was the minimum 5-50 W/NIT
    some take 8-50 meaning test for 8 drugs
    some are 10-50 ect.
    It just depends on how much there willing to spend to test you.
    i seen on my test sheets up to SAP10-50/2K+ALC W/NIT
  8. Chaos

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    ok...well when i have to take a test...i go to the bathroom...while he cracks the door and stands right outside it.....how can i pour the piss in the cup without him noticeing the sound of it while im peeing or somethen???
  9. Blowen1977Z28

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    As long as your back to him.....
    Just position the bottle forward.pull it out halfway and open it tilt it in to the cup.just make it look like your pulling out a big one.
    put cap back on and slide it back in.

    when you Pee is a 3-4 oz cup it don't make noise.
    It will be to close to your tallywacker.
    And unless your testing for a probation officer or rehab.
    you have a right to privace.
    I don't think there watching to much.
    I think they just want to hear if you run the water?
  10. Chaos

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    ahhh...but yes its for my probabtion officer....but hes never actually watched or stood in there with me

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