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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by swift24, Jan 16, 2010.

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    I just wanted to thank IamN2pot, BurntToast, FakeBoobsRule, and anyone else from the bottom of my heart for all the great info on this site!! I am on probation in another state and got a call saying I needed to get a drug test within 24 hours. I knew nothing about what to do as this is the first time I've had to do it. After doing about 12 hours of research I decided to go with subbing with quick fix plus 5.7. BEWARE of the counterfits! The first box I bought at a head shop had the "Heat Factory" hand warmer which set of a red flag to me since I'd seen the counterfit announcement on this site. I called spectrum labs and they told me that it was probably not a good idea to use it. So I went out and found some at another head shop and it had the correct "Lil Hotties" hand warmer. I microwaved it and then attatched the hand warmer with a rubberband and drove an hour to the clinic. It was right at 96 degrees when I arrived so I blasted my heater and held the bottle up to the vent before I went in to get it up to 100. This way I had a lil time while I filled out paperwork. By the time I put it in the cup (I was UNsupervised) it was perfect at 98 degrees. The clinic sent it off to the lab and said they'd have the results in 24 hours if it was negative. If positive they would send it for additional testing. I knew it wouldn't be positive, but I was still really worried that it wasn't human urine. Nevertheless, I called this morning and the guy said I could come pick up my results and they were all negative! It worked!! I was soo happy and relieved as I had smoked the day before so there was no way I could risk diluting. My only advice would be to not use the squirt top as it made noise when i stopped squeezing the bottle (luckily the guy didn't hear it). I would just pour it in the sample cup. Anyway, I could never have pulled this off without this site, so thank you all so much!! Its good to know there are good people out there that know that green is a gift from the Gods and nobody should be denied its benefits! Regardless of any employer or govermental official trying to take it away from us! For all the sceptics out there who are afraid of using the synthetic urine, as I was, I HIGHLY recommend Quick Fix 5.7. Works like a charm. :dance:
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    Congrats! :Rasta: I took a test yesterday and I used quick fix and I waiting for the results!
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    Awesome!!! good to hear...yes, this site rocks.
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    Pre Employment Lab Corp Quick Fix 5.7 Concern

    Quick Background Information: Took pre employment 5 panel urine test at Lab Corp. 2 weeks ago. The sample came back as too diluted, so I had to retake the test.

    I bought quick fix 5.7 with a batch number that ended in 2009. I didn't have time to test the sample with an adulteration strip. I followed the instructions on the bottle (shook sample, microwaved 10 seconds, wasn't hot enough, reheated another 4 seconds, shook again, attached heat pack with rubber band.) I had to wait about 2 hours before I went in for testing, but continuously checked temp and it was on point. I poured the quick fix into the test cup gave it to lab tech, and passed the temperature part of the process.

    From what I've read, if you get past the temperature part of the process you should be good to go, but as I am sure with most people I am still very nervous. Can anyone provide me with comfort? Do I have anything to worry about at this point, or can I take a deep breath and expect to pass the test?

    thank you and sorry for the long post
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    If the handwarmers in your box were "little hotties" then you're all set. I get nervous everytime I take a test too. I think it's good to be a little nervous. If you're too cocky, karma might step in and knock you down a few pegs. You'll be just fine and even more happy when you get the result of the test.

  6. spanky3

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    Thank you for the added confidence. Yes I believe they were called the "little hotties." I guess it is just a waiting game now. I had never done anything like this before, but quick fix makes it pretty easy as long as you aren't being watched.

    I will report back next week after I get my results or hopefully don't (because no call means you passed.) I hope to be another success story to help other people concerned feel more comfortable using this product. Not that I am condoning anything. I wish I didn't have to resort to subbing, but hey guys gotta do what a guys gotta do.

    Thanks again for the confidence booster.
  7. spanky3

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    In case anyone is concerned about using quick fix 5.7 you should all know that I took a standard 5 panel pre employment UA and passed!!! As long as you can get the temperature within 90-100 degrees you will pass using quick fix. It is the best solution to passing.... forget diluting, forget detox drinks (unless you have a couple of weeks on your side). USE QUICKFIX if you are worried about failing.
  8. agonny

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    what is quick fix and how does it works?!
    maybe a link?!
  9. Burnt Toast

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    Do a Google Search for Quick Fix synthetic urine.

    You'll have your answers then.
  10. httphonda

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    can quick fix go bad from reheating to many times?
  11. Burnt Toast

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    Nope. The QF can be heated over and over without any harm.
  12. sdgrown

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    Quick Fix

    I took a urinalysis test at labcorp yesterday and I am awaiting my results. I used the quick fix product (batch F11D-09) and followed the instructions perfectly. the temperature was 98 degrees when I got out of my vehicle and went into the facility. I am SUPER stressed out even though I have read nothing but success stories. It is just a natural reaction to be paranoid. What an invasion of your privacy!!!!! Can anyone share their recent successes especially if you tested through lad corp. i will post as soon as I find out anything. My job is supposed to start 03/10/10. Thanks again:)
  13. HRPufnstuf

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    Congrats swift24! I had similar success with QF 5.7 batch F9A-09 today. I got the results within 15 minutes and was back to work. Wish me luck on the emergency dilution I had to do on Friday tho....that lab takes 3 business days and tomorrow is day 3. I don't know what my employer do if it comes back positive or diluted. I'm hoping that since I took the test at a different lab today and passed, they'll disregard that one.

    I want to echo swift24's praise of this site. I'm not out of the woods just yet I don't think, but without all the great info I found here, I could have lost a good paying job and my family would have suffered for no other reason than that my method of relaxation in the evening when I get home doesn't involve a bottle of alcohol. Thanks to everyone here and good luck to all of you going through a similar ordeal. All I can add is that QF 5.7 worked so well for me, I stopped and bought another bottle on my way home from work tonight to keep handy just in case. :thumbsup:
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  14. cdhelfin80

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    quick fix batch F11-08

    I have to take a preemployment test next week and I got the quick fix 5.7 batch F11-08 about a year ago. It says on the spectrum site it is good for 2+ years. Can anyone tell me if this is still good. Im super nervous about using this.
  15. webdox

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    Pick up your phone and call them, they will tell you if your batch is good or expired.
  16. molls092

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    My boyfriend used Quick Fix 5.7 to get pass a drug test for the job of a life time last week. He went to Quest Diagnostics. Get the temp right, and relax, IT'S ALL GOOD! Thank you Quick Fix!!! Our batch was P8T-09. Good luck everyone and thanks for all your helpful info!:Rasta:
  17. Burnt Toast

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    Batch F11-08 was made in Nov. 08. So that would make the batch 2 years old this coming November.

    If it were me, I would test the bottle with a validity test strip to make sure the creatinine, pH, SG, etc. are all still within acceptable ranges before submitting it for the actual U/A.
    Do a Google search for ''drug adulteration test kits"
  18. Alexis2222

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    All of this information is amazing. I just had a labcorp test on friday afternoon. I used stat flush but have read mixed reviews. I get to re-test if I do not pass and am considering Quick Fix Plus. I need to get my hands on some asap - anyone know best/reliable place to order it online and get it QUICK. or anyone know a head shop in/near Dallas that sells it. I have been calling around and all say no, but they carry other synth urine but I just don't trust it.
  19. lostandlost

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    Im gonna go do mine tomorrow. I could postpone it until later this week but I just want to get it over with. I have quickfix 5.7 but my friend said he would pee for me instead. I put the quickfix in a travel shampoo bottle for later use if I need it and am using the quickfix bottle because it has the temp guage on it. I also have a vicks 8 sec digital thermometer that i modified so it doesnt make any noise. It is really small and all the items fit unnoticabely in a pouch in my underwear that an athletic cup is supposed to go in.

    I have been practicing pulling the bottle out pouring it in a cup and taking the temp to make sure it has cooled down enough after it is in the cup. I am even doing it without putting the cup down because im not sure they will have a shelf to sit it on in there.

    I just hope that this place you are in the bathroom all alone and not in a stall with the person right outside.
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    All this is very interesting and I have carried the product on my person during times of possible random test. But the test people, have access to all this data as well, wouldn't that fact put them on the look-out for the little bottles? I know if I where a tester...I would know the tricks as well.:)

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