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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Anon47, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Anon47

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    Please dont hate on me for this stupid question I'm about to ask. Which end of a joint do you smoke after you roll it? I'm using the pen technique and im not sure if you twist both ends, one end and do you smoke off of the twisted end or not. I thought you always smoke off the twisted end but i saw my friend the other day light up the twisted end. So could someone explain this to me?
  2. somebody someone

    somebody someone Registered+

    can you say "roach"?

    (Soz i had to spend my 666th post Evily)
  3. Anon47

    Anon47 Registered

    Can't say I know what a roach is.... Yes, I know, I'm very new at this.
  4. Whos Carl

    Whos Carl Registered+

    not the twisty end the thinner bit if you have made a come shaped joint
  5. somebody someone

    somebody someone Registered+

    ok dude, what u gotta do, is roll a short piece of card up, thatll fit just in the oppesit end of the joint, so it doesnt collapse when u put it in ur mouth. and it stops u sucking the weed thru. u smoke from that end, light up the twisted bit

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  6. Nochowderforyou

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    Smoke any end you want. There are no rules to smoking joints. As long as they burn and you get hoots from it, you will get high. So just smoke it!
  7. ezjim

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    makes no differance dude ..if you want to practice rolling get you a pack of bugler ciggarette tobaco it comes with papers and for a buck or so you can roll till you get the hang of it.. btw i used to use the pen method when i was about 11-12 yrs old ..after i got a pack of rolling tobaco it only took about a week or so of practicing till i was polling then just like a tailor made ..good luck and dont give up ..peace jim

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