quickest way to dry a bud

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by friendowl, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. friendowl

    friendowl Registered+

    today my bitch is 45 days flower.
    i wanna taste her
    what is the best /quikest way to get a sample.
    microwaves scare me for bud drying but what keeps the taste
  2. justaseed

    justaseed Registered+

    when you quick dry a sample bud no matter how you do it you're not gonna get the taste you want without curing. i just hang the buds in a closet that i installed a 100cfm bathroom exhaust fan in. if it's only 1 bud it should be dry in a day or 2. it usually takes about 5-7days to dry my entire crop that way. i also have a food dehydator that i use for water curing. you can dry out a single bud in 30min or less in one of those.
  3. mand

    mand Registered+

    Hello friendowl :) I've tried quite a few ways, put them under the grill, frazzled them :eek: . I've put them in the oven , frazzled them.
    There was once I put them in the leg of am old pair of tights and put them in the clothes drier and absolutely nothing happened :eek:
    Never tried the microwave though.

    The best way is like justaseed has said, small speace and heat. I also just put them in a cardboard shoe box, place it on the top of the ballast and turn them regularly. Depending how long the lamp is running they usually dry in a day or two.

    love mand xxx:)

    Oh the taste isn't very good though :eek:
  4. friendowl

    friendowl Registered+

    taste will come later.
    im checking to see if the bud gets my eyes red
    thats how i can tell if im high or not
  5. JJScorpio

    JJScorpio Registered

    The best thing to do is cut a small piece and still let it air dry for a couple days. I usually put a piece on top of the pc. Any of the other instant drys are not going to give you a good idea because of the loss of THC.
  6. justaseed

    justaseed Registered+

    i used to see you around at og, it's good to see you here. i've been worried about alot of the og'ers. the only way i contacted alot of peolpe there was through pm's so since you know what happened i've had no contact.
  7. latewood

    latewood Banned

    I would not get in the habit...but, you can microwave it for 15-30 seconds at a time until it is dry. You can tell the type high you will get and where the plant is in that respect, but it will be a little harsh...I did it, got high, it works.
  8. BigBlock

    BigBlock Registered+

    I use a bare 60 watt light bulb, with a dog food can around it that has had both ends removed. On top of the can, about 1" above the bulb, is a peice of wire mesh. I put the weed there and it is dry in about a half hour. Tastes great too...
  9. SittinStoney420

    SittinStoney420 Registered+

    You have a pic FriendOwl?
    And wouldnt you be able to know if your high by how you feel, not just by how your eyes look?
    Ive had people tell me my eyes were fucked up and bright red, but i wasnt feelin high at all.

  10. Gen

    Gen Registered+

    Justaseed, how do you use the food dehydrator for water curing? Do you just dry the weed in there?
  11. justaseed

    justaseed Registered+

    you put the buds in a bucket of water for 7 days, changing the water every day. on the seventh day take the buds out and put them in the dehydrator on the lowest setting. check it every 30-45 min and remove dry buds. usually takes a few hours for 2-3oz. it makes the buds alot darker and kinda kills the taste, that's why i don't do it to often anymore.

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