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    This has already been said in another post but just wanted to let people know that if you plan on using quickfix 4.0 on a drug test, BE SURE to bring 2 containers of it with you for the lab screening.

    I took my test today and when I emptied the first container into the cup, it didn't make it up to the line! Thanks to Damon, i brought 2 with me, and I emptied half of the 2nd one into the cup. Granted, It could've been done with only 1/4 to 1/3 from the 2nd QF bottle (1/2 sent it over the line), but the first one DID NOT make it there.

    Anyway, I'll post again if I end up failing it, but for now i'm assuming I passed it without problems, and although QF is a little expensive (esp since you need two containers) it seems like a good way to pass a drug test if you can't use someone elses piss.
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    Any word if you passed this test? I am thinking about using QF.
  3. Chillum1887

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    I passed. I think it's only a matter of time before they start testing for the synthetic urine, but until then, its a good way to go.
  4. Lolo69

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    QF 4.0 is the latest incarnation. They changed their formula in the last year or so. They are ahead of the labs. I've read on other boards that some nurses, med assistants at collection facilities (surly facisits) are smelling the QF and making people pee again. These situations are exceptions. Collectors at facilities are not supposed to make judgement calls on urine and it is entirely against the protocols set up by SAMSHA, Quest, LabCorp and other labs that test piss.

    Go on the QF Web site (google it) and read up on the recall.

    BTW, I took a pee test last week (passed, was clean for 60 days) and the nurse told me to fill the cup just above the temp strip. I've read of others who've been told just to fill up to the temp strip, so some of you might catch a break.

    If you're caught with not enough pee, you can always say that's all you have in you, depends on the place.

    I am now unhappily employed.
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    Thanks for the props chillum. You aint kiddin, the first thing I thought when I bought the stuff was: Is this gonna be enough to fill the cup up? I was literally in my car heading home from the head shop when I turned around and went back and bought a second one and boy am I glad I did. I think they give you 2 oz. this is simply not enough and I cant believe that nobody mentioned it before me. They should give you 3 oz. and that would be ample in my judgement.

    Hell, I got the idea to use this stuff from this web site, I passed and am eternally thankfull.

    You can read my piss test experience in my post list "350 lb. dude going the quick fix route".

    If it wasn't for this site I would be going thru a mandated drug rehab program through my work and I'm eternally grateful. I felt it to be my obligation to pass on my experience with others like you, so you in turn could enter your experience with confidence. I'm glad that it worked out for you and others.
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    Congratulations, dude. I'm really happy for you.
  7. BrooklynDiva

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    So, where did u guys buy ur QF? If you do a search, u get a bunch of diff. sites all charging diff. prices, and I wanna make sure that I'm getting what I'm actually paying for and that it is the right formula (4.0).

  8. Chillum1887

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    LoLo, what I ment was that although its technically undetecable right now (because of testing standards and regulations imposed by the US government), IMHO, I don't think that it will stay that way forever and eventually they will legally be able to figure out if its synthetic urine.

    Brooklyn, the company is "youreinluck.com" but I got it at http://www.detoxforless.com/pass-a-drug-test/fake-pee.html
  9. Damon32

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    Got it at my local head shop for 25 bucks a bottle. Money well spent.

    Hell I'd spend 50 a bottle if I had to. When it comes to testing, money is no object if you ask me.....
  10. BrooklynDiva

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    Thanks Chillum and Damon. I actually got someone to pee in a cup for me, so I won't be needing the QF this time around. But check out my thread "my test experience - hints & tips. Let me know if u think that my sub. process is good to go.

    And hey, what's a head shop?
  11. Inferius

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    Are you kidding?
  12. BrooklynDiva

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    About what? "What's a head shop"?

    If that's what you're talking bout then, no I wasn't. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, I'm just not sure I've ever heard that term.

    Fuck the tree. Some good ganja grows in Brooklyn.:Rasta:
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    It's the name for the place that you buy your 'tobacco'-smoking accessories.. smokeshop and headshop are pretty much interchangeable, though headshop is probably more accurate.

    Anyway, now you know... and knowing is half the battle.
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    Quick Fix 4.0 was introduced in late 2003, replacing the 3.0.

    A lack of odor is present in some human samples too. There are no standards set for urine odor. Therefore, its improper for a collector to reject a sample on the basis of a lack of odor, without running the appropriate integrity checks first. However, a collector can flag a sample if a bleach odor, or similar is detected.
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