QuickFix or Real Urine Substitution?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by stolengiraffe, Jul 22, 2009.

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    Hi everyone. I'm about to start a new job and have a UA at QuestLabs coming up, needless to say I'm a nervous wreck. I was a heavy user for more than 4yrs (at least once a day, and definitely more on the weekends). At first, I quit for approx 2 weeks in anticipation of a drug test until I my supervisor told me that I wouldn't have to take one. Stupid me...I took that like being given the green light to smoke, and went and had about 4 j's during that week, but haven't smoked in two days.

    Now, 1.5 weeks prior to starting and after receiving the job offer letter, the same supervisor is now telling me that I have to take a drug test after completing my training assessments (which should take about 1 week). That gives me a total of 2.5 weeks at best to detox. I'm 5'7 and a well built 170lbs...I exercise frequently, but am pretty sure I will fail a UA if I were to take one right now. Either way, I'm going to run out and buy some home drug tests to see where I stand.

    I've been doing a lot of reading on these boards and out of all the options substitution sounds best and seems like the only definite way to pass. I understand how QF works, but am considering using real urine from a friend that I trust. Does anyone know the heating techniques for real urine? I know you can throw QF in the microwave for 10 secs or throw a hand warmer on it, but would the same work for real urine? Also, how would I store the real urine before the test? Both QF and real urine are gonna be a hassle to get b/c they don't ship QF to my state and it's gonna be awkward to ask a friend for piss. So I'd like to hear some opinions on which one works better and can keep their temperature the easiest and the longest.
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    Human urine can be heated in the microwave, but it must be understood that human urine is bio-hazardous and should not be in an area where food and utensils are involved. Instead, use hot water to heat up the sample.

    If human urine is not to be used right away, it can be chilled or frozen. When chilled, the sample is good for 3-5 days. Frozen samples are good for up to 1 year.

    Do a Google search for Quick Fix synthetic urine. There you'll find a vendor or two that can ship the QF to all 50 states.
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    Male vs. Female

    I smoke, my wife does not.
    Can I sub her urine for mine without it being detected by the labs?
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    Gender does not matter

    Gender is irrelevant when testing for drugs. Any human sample can be used as a sub as long as the sub donor is known to be drug-free (that includes scripted and OTC medications), and not overhydrated prior to giving you the sample.

    There are lots of posts in the forum that address this issue as well. The search button is your friend. :thumbsup:
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    in addition, when using a heat pad don't use Hot Hands (the max temp is up to 140 degrees) and it will get there. the pads called Tostie Toes only reach a maxx of 100 degrees. use a self stick temp strip to monitor the temp. but since its summer and already pretty hot, depending where you live, you may not need to use the warmer. you should test it out and see if your body will keep it up to temp alone.

    regarding using your wife's urine: on occation the lab may check for pregnancy (even in a male sample). happened to a friend and busted.

    good luck!
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    A) Labs practicing in the US are prohibited by law to perform pregnancy tests on urine samples collected for a drug test without the donors explicit written consent.

    B) Even if a lab decides to break the law and conduct such a test devoid of donors consent, the result would not be that the male donor was "pregnant". The result will be reported that the male donor has prostate or testicular cancer. Just as HCG horomones are elevated in an expectant mother, the same HCG horomones are elevated in males with prostate and testicular cancer.

    If what youre saying is actually true, then youre "friend" shouldve lawyered up and sued.
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    thanks for your help...i've never considered the fact that real urine is a bioharzard and will definitely be using QF for the up coming test because it's a lot safer. i'm also gonna practice keeping the temperature before the day comes. Do you know if QF be can heated and reheated, while still being as effective in fooling the piss police, or is it a one shot deal?
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    The QF can be heated over and over without harming its effectiveness.

    With that being said, keep them practice drills going.:thumbsup:

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