Quickfix synthetic urine didn't work for me

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    I purchased a box of the quickfix (I think 6.1 version?) in December 2016 for a surprise job interview I didn't expect to happen.

    I did 2 days of research on the product to learn how to be successful with it.

    -Bought from a refutable website
    -Double checked the code with the manufacturer over the phone to make sure the formula was still good
    -Gravity/Urea whatever the fuck
    -Made sure the urine was up to temp. (This was confirmed by the form I signed where the nurse checked off the temperature within range)
    -Did not mix it with my own urine or any other substance whatsoever

    A week after the lab recieved my sample, I got a call from my potential employer that I had failed the drug test due to the suspicion that it was synthetic urine. I was denied the job offer. I accepted the loss and decided to call the lab for proof that my sample failed. The lab technician told me that they cannot provide that documentation for me. Legally speaking I signed my 'rights' away to the company who paid for the urinalysis when I signed that form in the clinic.

    The reason I wanted this document is so that I could provide it as proof of a fail to the company and get a refund. Before purchasing the product I looked into their refund policy and this was one thing they required.
    Recieved an ad email from the company today advertising a new product. I told them that my sample didn't work and accused them of being scam artists. I explained that I didn't have the paper saying my test was failed, and thus cannot provide any proof of it. They told me I didn't need that, and directed me to their refund policy. But I have none of the information they require and I can't prove shit.

    I paid for expedited shipping and bought the larger bottle just to be on the safe side. It ended up costing me like 60-80 dollars (can't remember the exact amount but it was over 50 for sure) for no reason. I basically donated this sketchy ass company my own money and missed out on a job opportunity.

    I've heard rave reviews of this product. That's the only reason I considered it. I researched for days to make sure it would pass the test, and I took every precaution listed by the manufacturer.

    What a huge mess. I have since quit smoking.

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