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    Peace-Movement, Hippie-Fest, or GanjaParadise, whatever your motives, I want in. I have 300 for gas, a three-person tent, and a friend down there able to provide free food for as long as the stay lasts. Only problem? I have neither a car or enough money on my own to GET there. Solution? Hopefully. I'm kinda hoping to get some people together to put some gas money and a vehicle together for an adventure of a lifetime. It's a road-trip down to Colorado, and here's the site for the event:


    Like I said before, this is gonna be kinda huge, people coming in from all over the country. I'd kill to go, and so you should email me at


    So anyone out there in for adventure?
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    Alright, I guess I'm taking a Greyhound and hitch-hiking with a friend from somewhere nearby. Thanx anyways.
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    so how was it?
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    ...more like Hippiewood than a trip o' lifetime

    Left after about a week of the touristy parts, but happened to hitch back around the end, when only the dregs and clean up crew was left. That was more accurate to the description on the website, but it was a pretty good party. I think it's more meant as an inbetween event to lead to more things happening around the country. I met a bunch of people who were intercircuiting between resources with whoever else they might meet traveling. The three Floridian surfer guys were flying signs for money to put in their tank. Only one was originally from Florida, and they didn't really know each other for more than a few months. Others I came across used couchsurfing.com often.
    I don't know, there are a lot of spooksters as well though, but I think it's doable for anyone with a little bit of common sense. Try it.:jointsmile::jointsmile:

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