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Discussion in 'Indica' started by puff themagic dragon, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    i just got some rainbow kush... does any1 know about it?
  2. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    awesome...no replies. can some people please reply
  3. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    really no one is going to answer??
  4. Sir Bliss

    Sir Bliss Registered+


    Well, I've never even heard of it. Maybe that's why you haven't had any responses. Or maybe it's because you only waited a couple hours between each post.

    Sounds like a fantastic indica. Granted...I'm only assuming that by it's name.
  5. fUNKYcDOG

    fUNKYcDOG Registered+

    prob a fake strain name. never heard of such kush
  6. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    it tasted really fruity... didnt get me too stoned but then again i only toked up like half a gram
  7. GartthyTheGreat

    GartthyTheGreat Registered+

    lol branden

    lol branden :p
  8. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

  9. MPLSweedman

    MPLSweedman Registered+

    rainbow kush lmao

    people will buy anything
  10. daihashi

    daihashi Registered+

    Off topic.. but are you a network engineer?
  11. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    It's bullshit if you smoked a half gram and it was "Rainbow Kush" and didn't get too high.

    No kush should have you just get "kinda" high.
  12. Unknownfigure

    Unknownfigure Registered+


    Proper kush should induce a high within a few tokes. Half a gram is a shit load of tokes, you should have been pretty baked... Besides, I've never heard of Rainbow Kush as a pedigree, it could have been named that by your dealer so he could either sell it for higher or sell it faster. If you got it from a dispensary, also the same, or it could be an exclusive cross.

    Either way, as long as you're satisfied, it honestly doesn't matter what it is.
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  13. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    do you not listen to anything anybody said?

    it was most probably a fake strain which means that it could have been kush, might not have been, but i dont know what it was. it could have been real good looking middies for all i know.
  14. rolliefingers

    rolliefingers Registered

    Well in any case it sounded nice. Have you gotten anymore since?

  15. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    nah, he ran out, guess a lot of people thought the same as me....

    but i do get some other really fire shit from my guy
  16. GartthyTheGreat

    GartthyTheGreat Registered+

    and puff happens to be my guy lol. :thumbsup:
  17. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    No, no I did not.

    I was busy smoking my Green Crack and being blazed as fuck.
  18. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

  19. underhervoodoo

    underhervoodoo Registered

    Can we see pictures?
  20. lovethebudtk

    lovethebudtk Registered

    i'm no cannabis expert but you can check to see if it's legit by going to kindgreenbud.com and searching the name. i know a thing or two about bud and it wouldn't surprise me if it was real because i never though Masterkush was real and it is in fact a true strain, so before people go knocking others about what they do or don't know keep in mind that we were all beginners at one point and we were all ripped off. thats the whole point of websites and forums, so we help eachother not get ripped off. bud or weed or whatever you call it is meant to be enjoyed and you're not cool if you can rip on another person just because they didn't know something.
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