Raiz' First Grow Log - 3 White Widow Seeds from Nirvana

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by raizla, Feb 14, 2010.

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    IMHO, do nothing, and keep a close eye on your next harvest and go a little easier on the nutes and cuttings, as with everything if you do it gradually you should be fine as to not stress the plant in to hermie. BTW, meant to ask, what are you using for cloning hormone, gel or powder?
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    2010-05-19 Day 96, Flowering Day 60

    Bushka - glad you signed up. I still don't like that the site shuts down daily... and it's usually down when I'm ready to post for the night. If I do another grow log, the posts will be more sporadic,and less thorough.

    THContent - thanks for the comments. Simply by your sentence structure, the fact that you've read through the whole thread, and the choices you've made for your grow area, I have no doubt you'll have a successful grow.

    I agree with you that the spots I was seeing a couple weeks ago were the first sign that Watson was under stress. I never narrowed it down to whether it was too many nutrients, or whether the pH was off. The strangest thing of all was that 2 of the plants looked perfectly happy throughout the entire grow, and only Watson shows the spots and signs of stress.

    It may have been difficult for everyone reading this thread to tell, but only Scarlet was trimmed, and she shows no signs of being a hermie. In fact, she may be the best producer of the three. Watson was completely untrimmed, and recieved the same nutrients as the two others, yet she went hermie.
    I do plan on trimming the next set of plants the same way Scarlet was trimmed. The extra light that reached the lower buds allowed them to fatten up, while the other two plants have nothing of worth below the top set of leaves.

    I think more than anything, Watson simply has different genetics than Camara and Scarlet. Her buds are narrower and longer, a slightly different shade of green, and the hairs are more brown, less white. It's difficult to describe, but if you look at close-up pics in previous posts, you may be able to tell.

    I used the rooting powder found at Home Depot. It was the only one they had, but it worked fine. None of the leaves wilted or dropped from the clones, and they began to grow quite quickly. I think the method of having everything ready to go, and getting the plants into soil within seconds of cutting them is key.

    Here is today's pic.
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    Yeah Raiz I hear you, since you pointed out that Watson wasn't trimmed it is probably a misfortune in the genetics, lol, I guess you can't have everything perfect, even with feminized seeds... Make sure you keep a close eye on Watson Jr. in the future just to make sure.

    I honestly went to home depot and debated on getting their rooting hormone, its something like $5.66 or something like that for a small bottle. Since you have 3/3 success I am confident I will have the same results :) So I will be scooping a bottle up today :)

    I still need to grab a fan or two, also Raiz, what you think about me using a scrog in a 2 x 3 x 10 closet space? Should I just let them go straight up, or is there additional budding with scrog?

    Which also reminds me, I gotta run out for a bit and pick up a few pots to plant/transplant as the stages progress, I will post a few pics of my space in a few mins just gotta grab the camera. brb.
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    Ok, so here's where I will be doing all the magic, Raiz, you think I might be able to fit 2 plants, or maybe 3 in this 2ft x 3ft x 10ft space? How many inches are you using with your 3 plants at the stage they are at now?





    Keep in mind the lamp I'm using is a 600W HPS
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    2010-05-20 Day 97, Flowering Day 61

    I'm going to have to answer your question tomorrow THContent. No time tonight.

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    I can't wait to see what you yield from this.
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    +1 :thumbsup:

    THContent; Try posting that question in the "Grow room" forum,... you might get better response.

    Just been my experience with thread etiquette around here. ;)

    Raiz, good luck controlling the nanners, I hope your harvest is as good as your girls look now! :Rasta:
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    The T5 light that I have is perfect for the 2 x 5 closet space that I have now. It provides the right amount of light over a narrow yet wide space. In your case THC, the area is neither narrow nor wide. You'll need more light penetration rather than a wider light like I have, so the 600w should work fine. The main problem you'll most likely run into is a heat issue.

    A couple things I would do with the space....
    1. Get rid of the red tiles, and put some white ones in there. You can most likely buy some white ones for a couple dollars at home depot or lowes. I tore up the carpet in my closet before I started and put white tiles down myself. The light reflection will help a lot, especially with limited floorspace.

    2. Seal up any holes/cracks with white caulking, and paint everything white that isn't white. Trust me when I say bugs get in everywhere. I've found random ants, spiders, and gnats in my closet, and it's almost 100% sealed up. I have no idea how they got in there.

    3. I don't think you'll be able to get 3 plants in there. My 3 plants take up the entire 2x5 floorspace. That's 10 square feet. They go from wall to wall on all four sides. The poor pepper keeps getting crowded out and I have to trim back the White Widow plants. You have 6 square feet of space, but lots of vertical space, so I wouldn't scrog in your case, but rather promote the vertical growth.

    There are others with more experience than myself, so if you still have questions I think canniwhatsis may be correct, and they may be best answered in the grow room forum.
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    2010-05-21 Day 98, Flowering Day 62 Cutting Tomorrow

    Tonight I tried to pick off as many nanners as I could. There are too many. After about 15 I gave up, as many of them were breaking in half, probably spilling pollen all over the closet. The decision is made. Tomorrow I cut down Watson and Scarlet.

    Watson is the one with the hermie issue and should be cut anyways. Scarlet has the most amber trichomes, probably about 10-15%. Camara however, still has many clear and cloudy trichs. I am going to concentrate on the other two tomorrow and see how it goes. I may end up taking down all three.

    If anyone has any requests for pictures, now is the time to make them. I plan on getting a few pictures before harvest anyways, but I don't mind snapping a few extra if you have something you want to see.

    I have a lot of preparation to do. I haven't yet created a place to hang them. This is a closet, so I could just put coat hangers in there and tie them to that. At the moment it's my best plan. I also haven't done enough research about drying time/drying conditions, so I'll do some reading in the morning. I do have a bunch of jars ready when the time comes to cure.

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    Thanks Dutch. The girls are cut down. Pictures tomorrow if I've got time. It's beena busy weekend.
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    I have really enjoyed looking at this grow. I really like the way you kept up with the pictures. I can look at the date and compare the progress of my grow with the picture. Then I know if my plants are growing at a good pace. It's like I can use yours as a bench mark.

    If in the end my grow looks half as nice as yours, I won't be too disappointed.

    Looking forward to seeing pics of the end product. :thumbsup:
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    nice grow. dont forget to post pics of the buds hanging, in jars, and the yield:thumbsup:
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    Like everyone else said, you are an inspiration! These pictures are perfect examples of some insane bud. Great grow man! I'd be surprised if you didn't get atleast 4 oz dry ;)
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    Id say easily 4oz dry, maybe close to 6oz, prolly would have been more if he let it go longer in veg.
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    Throw me on to the list of admirers. I had heard some much shit talk about t-5's!!! I must have checked this thread over 100 times throughout the last few months. all along comparing and thouroughly enjoying the detail as well as the results!

    I uh, know somebody who has done almost everything the same except going 1-1 FFOF and promix, with a little bit of perlite and also switched to a 600 w hps for the 12/12 at about 10 inches height.

    Well add me to friend here, also please put a link to the new forum or continue to post here! thank you for your time and effort!! A++ would read again!

    Oh the pic request I have is of the boobs? you talked about a few pages ago :)
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    I like your 1st grow room looks very clean, I am working on my first grow and am trying fox farm, thanks for the fox farm feading schedule by the way.

    I just got northern lights from Nirvana it took longer than expected but I got them and they are looking good.

    Great job this is the best 1st grow I have ever seen, I am using Fox farm soil and nutes, are you following the schedule that fox farm provides or are you just playing it by ear.

    They look awesome, I don't know if it's just me but I want to cut the 2 main colas off and smoke those, so that the rest is all perfectly even it's like a work of art.

    The only bad thing about taking the leaves off, White Widow leaves are loaded with THC and you can make some killer hash with the leaves.
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